Ghosts in the Plumbing

Mary Grigsby, Writers Bloc
Things always happen when you are in a hurry.  We were rushing around trying to get to Home Depot in New Albany before Mark got off work.
I had brushed my teeth and showered when, after turning the light off in the bathroom, I heard this weird sound. First I thought it was the exhaust fan, but after getting up close and inspecting, I knew that was not where the noise was coming from. I decided it was a leak in the pipes under the vanity.  I cautiously opened the doors beneath the sinks, expecting to see water everywhere.  To my surprise everything was dry as a bone.
Bob told me he would go ahead and shower then check the basement pipes for leaks. If it was a leak he would turn the water off until we could get it fixed.  There were no leaking pipes to be found. He said we would just go on and worry about it when we returned home.
Not worry about it, he said.  How could I not worry? I knew the weird sound was definitely coming from the pipes under the sink. What in the world could it be?  The sound was hard to explain.  It was between a gurgle and a rattle in the pipes. At this point I began to conjure up ghosts and other creatures.  Knowing rats live in sewers I became scared thinking perhaps a rat had come up from the sewer into our plumbing. I soon erased that theory from my mind, knowing the pipes were too small for a rat.  It could be a mouse.  If it was a mouse I would turn the faucets on full force and either flush it back into the sewer or drown it trying.  That solved nothing, so we went on to New Albany, 
We were gone for about four hours.  Upon returning home, I tiptoed into the bathroom. I was certain that horrible sound was louder than when we had left.  It was going to drive me berserk, if I couldn’t find out what and where it was coming from.  My mouth felt like cotton and my lips were so dry, I opened the drawer for my lip ice.  Everything in that drawer was jiving.  There was my toothbrush running wide open.  I am certain it had an Energizer battery because it just kept going, going and going.
Written in Sept. 2004
Mary Grigsby is retired from a career in finance and banking. She has been a member of Writer's Bloc since 2001 and only writes memoirs.​


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