Woman arrested on warrants, multiple drug charges

Staff Writer Kate Wehlann

Reise Perry, 31, Hardinsburg, was arrested on multiple drug charges and warrants for her arrest on Thursday, Jan. 30.

Her warrants stemmed from an incident in 2019, when Washington County deputies were sent to perform a welfare check on her. Her father, Gregory Perry, called the police around 11:25 p.m. on Sept. 10, telling them his daughter and her boyfriend, Michael Jones, had been using drugs and had seen drugs in their home, where he also lived. He called their names, but neither had responded and he was afraid they had overdosed in the bedroom. He also told officers his daughter had a warrant out for her arrest in Orange County.

The officers entered the home and called out to Perry and Jones, who responded and invited the officers into the bedroom to talk.

They told the officers Perry’s father had been living with them for some time, but had some mental problems and hadn’t been acting like himself lately. While in the bedroom, the officers saw a paraphernalia pipe, which Perry claimed wasn’t hers, but she was keeping it for a friend. She said she did have her own pipe, located on a table by the bed. Perry told the officers she was about eight months pregnant and she and Jones had been trying to get clean that week. Perry told officers hers was a high-risk pregnancy due to her addiction. Officers informed Orange County, who said, in light of this, they would not extradite at that time.

They consented to a search of their home, where officers found a folded dollar bill with a white substance, which Perry said was a pain pill, a digital scale, three pipes, two cut straws with residue, two corner baggies containing residue, a pill (acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate, a Schedule II controlled substance), multiple cell phones and two pipes containing marijuana.

They were both arrested on multiple drug charges, and Jones was also preliminarily charged with invasion of privacy.

Later, on Jan. 29, 2020, Deputy Brad Naugle received a call from Deputy Tory Hildreth, who was given a note from Washington County Jail staff, which they had received from Jones. Jones wanted officers to perform a welfare check on Perry, who was living on Maple Street in Hardinsburg. The note told them she was high on meth and pills and was threatening to harm herself and her two children. The note said she was threatening to run her car into trees at a high rate of speed. Hildreth said Jones said his mother had called and told him Perry was threatening to harm herself and the children.

Naugle spoke with Jones, who then said his statements about Perry weren’t true, but he did believe the children were in danger because the home they live in had the electricity disconnected, and power was hooked up to the house illegally with a jumper wire. Jones said the wire was hooked up two days before his arrest on Dec. 20, when he was living there. He said he was upset because Perry had an arrest warrant for the same charges, but she wasn’t in jail while he was. He said he wanted officers to go serve a warrant on Perry.

The next day, officers went to serve a warrant on Perry. They found the homemade jumper cables connecting the home to an electricity source. Eventually, Perry did respond to officers calling for her and opened the door.

When they entered the home, officers saw a piece of glass with a white, powdery substance, cut into a line, and a glass pipe. Both tested positive for methamphetamine.

Perry claimed she hadn’t heard the officers knocking on the doors because she was asleep. She said she had done a couple lines of methamphetamine earlier, but the meth and pipe weren’t hers, but a neighbor’s, who had been there earlier.

Perry was arrested and preliminarily charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, maintaining a common nuisance and utility theft.

Naugle’s report showed a preliminary charge for Jones as well for the utility theft, along with violating a no-contact order 33 times by calling Perry on the phone from jail throughout January.


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