#FurryFriendFriday pets

Kendall, Echo, Benny and Lord/Lady Mountbatten-Saxifrage are waiting for you at the shelter!


• "Florence" is a female, 6-month-old terrier mix, found on Jim Day Road, about 40 pounds, brindle and white. Likes: the color yellow, sniffing, watching David Attenborough documentaries. Dislikes: when the grass gets dry and spiky on her paws, scary movies, fireworks.

• "Zoey" is a 1- to 2-year-old, female Lab mix, black and white, about 35 pounds, surrendered by her family when they had to move. She's mostly housebroken; she'll go to the door to ask out but you have to watch. She doesn't give you much notice. She loves to play with other dogs, but would do best with a tolerant dog. Zoey hasn't learned how to greet other dogs properly and will be right in their face. Nothing wrong except some dogs might have a problem with her exuberance. If you would like an application, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: her toy ball, her toy bone, long rides in the car that end at the park or the lake or the woods or … Dislikes: car rides that end at the vet, tomatoes, ocean pollution.

• "Sinclair" is a 4- to 5-month-old, male terrier mix, mostly black, 15-20 pounds and not finished growing. Likes: jumping insects, rope toys, movies with dinosaurs. Dislikes: bath time, when sand or snow gets up his nose, sirens.

• "Soco" is a 12-week-old male terrier mix, about 15 pounds, light brown with golden eyes. Likes: chasing fireflies/lightening bugs, splashing in puddles, singing. Dislikes: accidentally getting a taste of fireflies/lightening bugs, when water splashes get in his face, being put in shoes.

• "Guy" is a 2- to 3-year-old, male, terrier mix, tan and black, about 30 pounds. Long body, short legs, all ears. Good with other dogs. If you would like an application for him, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: the way he looks in a pair of dark sunglasses, the way he looks in bandanas, chicken. Dislikes: wearing dark sunglasses, the way wearing a bandana feels, chickens.

• "Gertie" is a 6-year-old basset mix, about 45 pounds, low to ground like a basset hound. She's currently in foster care, living in a house with multiple dogs. She's not really a player but is right there with all the others. Not sure about cats. Seems to be housebroken. If you would like an application, please email dragondog.dc@gmail.com. Likes: hosting magnificent garden parties, sniffing things, rollicking comedies featuring Will Ferrell. Dislikes: cleaning up after magnificent garden parties, when things sniff back, poverty.

• "Kendra" is a 1-year-old, female, border collie mix, about 25 pounds. She is unsure at the shelter and was surrendered with another dog who might be her mother. If you would like an application for her, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: butterflies, death metal music, daisies. Dislikes: shellfish, clutter, static cling.

• "Keanna" is a 6-7-year-old, female Weimeraner, about 50 pounds, surrendered when her owner moved into an apartment and couldn't bring her with them. She's scared at the shelter, but seemed OK with dogs and cats. Staff will recheck her after she's had time to settle in. Likes: making French pastries, eating French pastries, singing karaoke. Dislikes: people who are rude to servers at restaurants, people who don't tip service personnel, raw broccoli.

• "Bobby" is a 4-month-old male, beagle-terrier mix. He was surrendered with others when the owner went to jail. If you would like an application for him, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: philosophizing about birds, binge-watching episodes of "Paw Patrol," collecting antique tractors. Dislikes: leashes, crates, fences.

• "Bonnie" is a 2- to 3-year-old female beagle-terrier mix, about 30 pounds. Very sweet and good with other dogs. If you would like an application for her, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: peaches, warm and quiet afternoons, chats over decaf tea and cookies. Dislikes: knitting, loud music, overcooked pasta.

• "Persephone" is a 4-month-old, female, terrier mix, about 20 pounds, with more growing to do, black with white socks and chest. Likes: geocaching, hiking, trail mix (no raisins or chocolate, please). Dislikes: when the critter in the hole she found does NOT want to be friends, totalitarian dictatorships, loud truck engines.

• "Benny" is a 4-month-old, male, beagle-terrier mix, surrendered with Bobby when their owner went to jail. If you would like an application for him, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: gardening, leaf piles, rolicking hijinks. Dislikes: when

• "Kendall" is a 2-year-old male Lab-hound mix, about 45 pounds. Seems to do better with female dogs. Likes: sunny napping spots, dismantling the establishment, thwarting his enemies. Dislikes: male dog drama, super loud trucks, pickles.

• "Kimmie" is a female, Aussie-Border collie mix, 2-3, between 35 and 40 pounds. She was surrendered with Kendra, who might be her daughter. She's easy going and gets along well with other dogs. If you would like an application for her, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: "Golden Girls" reruns, hiking, posting nature photos on Instagram. Dislikes: mosquitoes, soggy tacos, celery.

• "Hannah" is a 2-year-old catahoula mix, about 45 to 50 pounds. She was surrendered with her mother when her owner died and may be best as an only dog. She's gorgeous and great with people. Likes: live action role-play games, listening to her stories, gummy candy. Dislikes: being lonely, Mondays, pollution.

• "Amber" is a 4-year-old catahoula mix. She was surrendered with her daughter when their owner died and may be best as an only dog. She's shy, but social. Likes: sparkly rocks, tacos, autumn. Dislikes: having to leave her sparkly rocks outside, when all the fillings fall out of the tacos because of the crunchy shell, when all the autumn leaves get soggy.

• “Miss Bear” is an Aussie mix, 3 years old, spayed. She acts like a true border collie, always looking for something to herd. She will run a fence and chase cars. She also stalks cats. Staff and her foster humans say they aren't sure she would harm them, but that this may be related to her prey drive. She wants to be top dog, so she needs to be with an experienced dog owner who knows how to work with her or as an only dog. If you would like an application for adoption, please email dragondog.dc@gmail.com. Likes: freedom, wide-open spaces, catching cars. Dislikes: the conundrum of what to do with a car once she’s caught it, lack of anyone paying attention to her for the slightest moment, the smell of fish.

• "Harley" is a 4-year-old, female Lab mix, about 55 pounds. She was just too much dog for an older woman. She's not hyper, but she does need to work on her leash manners and would definitely like another dog to play with. If you would like an application for her, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: black and white photography, cheese (all varieties), classical music. Dislikes: citrus-scented cleaners, overcooked pasta (al dente, people! Al dente!), restrictions during walkies.

• "Forseti" is a 4 1/2-year-old male wire-haired fox terrier mix, about 25-30 pounds. Surrendered when his family moved. He's good with kids, OK with dogs and hasn't been around cats. If you would like an application, contact rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: pretzels (crunchy and soft), animal-themed knickknacks, dramatic comedies. Dislikes: when his collar shifts and his tags are stuck on the back of his neck, baths, car rides with no open windows.

• "Jax" is a male, catahoula mix, about 4 months and 30 pounds and growing. Likes: play time, food time, smiling. Dislikes: when people shout, thunder and other big sounds, when it's really hot outside.

• "Roscoe" is a 3-4-year-old neutered male, Vizla mix, about 50 pounds. This sweet boy is pretty social and gets along well with other dogs. He likes kids, but isn't sure about cats. He was surrendered when his owner had to move into a condo and Rosco couldn't go. If you woul dlike an application, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: pet-friendly housing, a really good stretch, live music. Dislikes: arugula, thunder, motorcycles (too noisy).


• So many kittens. Spaying and/or neutering cats is crucial to overcome the current feral cat problem facing the county. Until then, these babies need good homes where they'll be kept safe and healthy. At $50, which includes a voucher for a required spay/neutering procedure and the first round of shots, the shelter is basically paying you to adopt these cats and kittens.

• "Echo" is a white and tan-striped kitten, 12 weeks. Likes: downhill skiing, hot milk in the ski lodge, naps in front of the fire. Dislikes: temperatures above 70 degrees, frozen-dinner ravioli, climate change.

• "Whisko" is a white and yellow kitten, 8 weeks. Likes: people watching, bird watching, watching the world spin. Dislikes: being interrupted, emo music, professional skateboarding.

• "Boba" is a black kitten, 8-10 weeks. Likes: spooky movies, true crime podcasts, ice cream. Dislikes: superstition, the too-light penalties for things like child abuse in the American justice system, cucumbers.

• "Mynx" is a gray tiger kitten. Likes: using their sad kitten face to their advantage (they're cute and they know it), getting out of their kennel, hunting houseplants. Dislikes: when things they'd like to knock onto the floor are too heavy or attached to the counter, when their friends don't know their Instagram angles and post bad pictures publicly, coffee (smells good, tastes bad. Why? Explain, humans).

• "Lord/Lady Mountbatten-Saxifrage" is a tiger kitten, 12 weeks. Likes: pineapple juice, British procedurals, sandwiches with the crust removed. Dislikes: bread crusts, poorly seared salmon, plebians.

Adoption fees include rabies shot and normal cost of spay and neuter. Adoption cost for dogs is $80 and $50 for cats. The return-to-owner fee is $10, plus a $2 per-day board fee and proof of rabies shot or another $10.

Shelter hours are Tuesday through Friday, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Closed on Sunday, Monday and holidays. Contact Salem Animal Control or the Salem Shelter at 812-883-3673 or Washington County Animal Control at 812-883-5999.


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