Better Business Bureau Feb. Hot Topics

1. As Valentine’s Day approaches, BBB warns consumers to beware of romance scams. When trying out online dating sites and apps, don’t give out your personal or financial information to anyone you haven’t met in person, and be wary of any requests for money, gift cards, or wire transfers.
2. BBB received a report from a consumer regarding a wage garnishment scam. The consumer received a debt collection mail in the letter and upon contacting the alleged company, was instructed to pay the debt with a prepaid gift card. BBB reminds consumers that any time you are pressured to pay a bill with a gift card, it is likely a scam.
3. A consumer reported a scam to BBB regarding an alleged company called KRM Classic Auto. The consumer drove to Paducah in order to purchase a car from KRM Classic Auto, only to find the business didn’t exist and scammers were using a fake address. BBB reminds consumers to always check a company’s profile on before making any purchases.
4. A consumer received a call from a scammer posing as a Deputy Sheriff, claiming the consumer had missed a court appearance as an expert witness. The consumer was instructed to pay fines over the phone. BBB reminds consumers that law enforcement agencies will never contact you by phone to demand payment.
5. A consumer reported a fake AutoZone survey to BBB. After completing the survey in order to receive a prize, the consumer realized their credit card had been charged multiple times for various amounts. BBB warns consumers to beware of unsolicited text messages and emails containing surveys. These are often phishing scams.
6. Multiple consumers have reported reshipping employment scams to BBB involving a scam company called Milladi Express. BBB reminds consumers that any job listing offering a position “examining packages” or “reshipping packages,” or any job that involves receiving other people’s mail at your home address, is a scam.
7. BBB has received reports of scam Medicaid and Medicare phone calls. BBB warns consumers to not give out personally identifiable information or government-issued numbers over the phone. Medicare will never contact you via email or phone to verify personal information.
8. BBB continues to see reports of Facebook Messenger scams. These scams involve Facebook users receiving a message that their profile or account will be deactivated unless they click on a link to confirm their account. This is a scam. Do not click on any links you received in unsolicited messages!
9. BBB has received reports of solar panel scams affecting our consumers. BBB warns consumers to be wary of phony sales reps offering solar panel installations for free or very low costs. Always verify a company first at, and don’t fall for high-pressure sales tactics.
10. BBB received a report of a government grant scam from a local consumer. Any grant or scholarship that requires you to pay money upfront in order to receive a large payout is a scam. 


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