4th of July queen contestants sought

Contestants for the Pekin Fourth of July queen contest are being sought. 

The following is a list of rules and regulations for those entering the contest. 

1. Entries will be accepted until Saturday, May 29.

2. Any single girl of high school age, including anyone entering ninth grade or from the graduating class of 2021. 

3. Contestants can be from any locality.

4. Previous 4th of July queens are not eligible.

5. Contestants must not be married, or have had an annulled marriage, and will not be allowed to be married during the reign as queen.

6. The contestants can not be a mother or become a mother during any point of the contest or during the reign as queen.

7. The contestants must have a sponsor, anyone or business can be a sponsor. Each sponsor is required to pay an entry fee of $60. The check or money order should be made out to the Pekin Community Betterment Organization. No refunds will be given in the event the contestant drops out after the deadline of Saturday, May 29. Entry fee must be turned in with registration form.

8. All contestants will be responsible for their own transportation during the parade either in a car or truck or float. The queens’ float will be judged separately for queens’ float winner, but decorated floats will also factor into the decision of who is chosen as queen.

9. No one may ride with the contestant. No one can walk beside the float. Vehicle must have a poster board or sign of some sort on the driver and passenger door with candidate’s name and sponsor name on it. Contestants do not need to sign up for the parade.

10. Each contestant will be required to wear an appropriate full length formal during the contest. For the parade, the contestants’ attire will be a sundress or match the theme of “A Magical 4th of July,“ but must have the approval of the queen coordinator.

11. The contestant and an adult will be required to attend the first meeting on Sunday, May 30, at 2 p.m, at the Pekin Park shelter house, Pictures will be taken for the program.

12. Contestants will be required to be at the parade line-up at 8:30 a.m. at Eastern High School.

13. The Pekin Betterment Organization reserves the right to reject and exclude any entrant for immoral or improper behavior, as they see fit.

14. After winning, the queen will conduct herself in a manner that upholds the most respect for herself, the community, and the role she is representing at all times. She will understand that she will be held to a high standard of moral and proper behavior as the Pekin Community Betterment Organization sees fit. She will not be involved/participate in any activities that are illegal at any time during her reign as queen. She will not be expelled from school. She may not be involved in any type of social media by liking, commenting or being tagged in anything that is not in a positive image of the role she is representing. If at any time the Pekin Community Betterment Organization can see or is shown that the queen has not fulfilled her duties by not following the rules for proper and moral behavior, as the Betterment sees fit, her title will be revoked and she will no longer represent the Pekin 4th of July.

15. The queen will be required to help with Shop with a Cop in December and anything that may arise that would be a benefit to the community and 4th of July activities. During these activities, the queen will dress appropriately for the duties and weather (school or church activities are excused). 

16. During activities, the queen will not have friends or boyfriend participating. Also, any extreme facial piercings, and visible body tattoos, extreme hair styles that are a distraction will also be addressed.

17. The queen, if asked to participate in anything other than the above mentioned events must contact the pageant coordinator or president of the betterment committee and ask permission. If permission is given, the queen will be responsible for securing her own transportation for any parade or event.

18. The crown and sash will be kept at the home of the pageant director. For any events the queen will be responsible for picking it up and returning it after the activity. After the reign is finished, the crown and sash will be given to the queen to keep.

19. The day of the contest, contestants will be at the park one hour before the contest behind the stage. 

20. Each contestant and a parent/guardian must fill out the entry form regardless of contestant’s age, agreeing to all the rules. Event dates and times are subject to change.

Entry form with the entry fee must be sent to Darlene Hall, P.O. Box 204, Pekin, IN, 47165 and postmarked by the deadline of May 29, and entrants must attend the meeting Sunday, May 30, at 2 p.m. 

For more information, call 812-967-3227 or 812-525-8418 or send e-mail to darlenehall129@gmail.com


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