Birth Announcement

Submit your birth announcement for publication in The Salem Leader or The Salem Democrat. Copy and paste the questions below in an email and send with your answers to: no later than 6 months after the birth for a complete write-up with photo. After the deadline, a story only, without a photograph, will be published. For a $10 late fee, you may have a complete write-up with photo. If you have any questions, please call 812-883-3281.

Baby Information

Child's Name:


Date of Birth:



Doctor who Delivered:

Place of Birth:

Time of Birth:

Family Information

Name of Child's Parents and Address:

Siblings (Names and Ages):

Names of Maternal Grandparents and Addresses:

Names of Paternal Grandparents and Addresses:

Names of Maternal Great-Grandparents and Addresses:

Names of Paternal Great-Grandparents and Addresses:

Daytime Phone (in case we have questions):

Attach a pdf or jpg photograph. Photos for use with birth announcements may be either color or black and white. Photos should be clear and in sharp focus. LPC reserves the right to refuse photos of poor quality.

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