The Ties That Bind

Lana Hamilton

Published by admin on Thu, 01/10/2013 - Back to the beginning...

When I was approached about starting up a blog, I thought, "Oh, how fun." Then I started to doubt myself. I asked myself, "What will I write about?" and "Who would want to read my stuff?"

After bringing my doubts to my co-worker, Rhonda Smith, I was quickly encouraged by her to write about what I love. I love people. The people in my life are like a web, intertwined to form my safety net, my security blanket and my pride and joy.

Not only am I proud of the accomplishments of my husband and children, who are my main pride and joy, I also find joy in others' triumphs. 

My husband and I have a great group of friends who have inspired me and lifted me up during our journey together. Recently, the first "child" of one of our groups got married. It was a wonderful day and we all reflected on how by helping to "raise" her, she still turned out to be a well-functioning adult. And on a side note, that means there is hope for the remaining children.

My kids, Paige and Bailey, have a great group of friends that I have adopted as my own. When they do something wonderful, I am proud of them. Paige's high school friends show so much potential as they move on into adulthood. When they have a new boyfriend, Duane and I insist, sometimes to their chagrin, that we meet them too. After all, we have high standards for "our girls." We swell with pride when they make the dean's list or receive other recognitions as many of them have.

Bailey's friends also make me smile. Being that they are mostly teenage boys, I am always kept on my toes. A lot of them are sports fanatics and I have learned to delve more into sports so that I can converse with them somewhat intelligently and not embarrass my son. I love going to high school soccer, volleyball,football and basketball games to root them on. I get great joy out of their successes and even try my best to build them up when things are not going so well.

We have a great church family at Southern HillsChurch. There are many people in the congregation who keep me encouraged and I hope I do the same for them. They truly have become family. It is a joy for me to be a part of so many good things that go on there.

The 4-H experience has proven instrumental in my kids' lives and from those initial introductions at the fairgrounds, I have developed friendships with people that I have come to adore and care for.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of great people who started out as co-workers but evolved into friends. I still keep in touch with some and some, even though I have lost contact with them, I think of from time to time. Each one helped shape me into the worker and person I am today.

I still stay in contact with high school friends and have a core group of college girlfriends that I keep in touch with. I have cousins that have shaped me into the person I am today, that make me laugh and make me glad to call them friends. The list is literally endless and the funny thing is that many of my friends are in more than one circle, which makes me so blessed.

So back to the initial introduction to my new blog, "The Ties That Bind." During the process, I hope to share with you the stories of my web of friends and I hope that you enjoy the ride as I have and intend to for a very long time.

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