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When someone enjoys a really good laugh, I want to join in with him or her. Laughing not only makes us feel good, it really enhances our lives. It's proven that laughter is the best medicine.It is proven to relax the whole body. The only exception to this would be when you laugh in an inopportune moment and the moment your realize it, you tense up. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. Two incidents that come to mind are when I was in fifth grade English class and more recently attending a play where I laughed when I wasn't supposed to.In fifth-grade English, we had quiet time in class when we were supposed to read. I had already established a love of reading by this time, but much like today, the classics were often not in my radar. I believe this book, a fine product of Scholastic Books, was actually based on the Happy Days TV show.

Anyway, it was funny and during "Quiet Time" I burst out laughing, disturbing the entire class. Oh, and did I mention my Uncle Gary was my teacher? That is one outburst I will never be able to forget. The most recent event happened when I traveled to Franklin College to attend the spring production in which Paige's boyfriend was performing. The play had its funny moments but one that was not scripted was Alex tripping up the steps. Yes, you guessed it before I could stop myself a loud laugh escaped my lips from where I was sitting in the front row. After the show, I confessed to my slip up and all was forgiven but talk about being glad I was sitting in a dark theater for that spectacle.

Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins that take us to our happy place. It is said that the release of these gives us a sense of well-being and can even relieve pain. I think this is my favorite reason to love laughter. I like to be in my happy place and I like to share that place with my family and friends.Paige and I often find this place at the same time, unfortunately feeding off one another. And although I tell you that we have very loud and distinctive laughs, it's nothing like hearing it in person. Usually it starts casually with one of us getting tickled about something silly, then we look at each other and the giggling intensifies until one of us snorts. Then it becomes a "free for all, got to walk away from each other to stop the gut wrenching agony of 'can't breath'" in order to regain our composure. (Sometimes this takes 2 or 3 attempts before the laughing subsides.)

All-in-all laughing is fun and it puts a smile on your face. And honestly who doesn't love a smiling face. The world is full of all kinds of serious so if we are willing to first laugh at ourselves, and then at the situations we fall into, think of what a wonderful stress-free life we could live.

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