The Doctor and his Companion

Lana Hamilton

I have been wanting to write this blog about my daughter’s wedding and all that led up to it but every time I start, the tears blur my eyes and frankly, that just makes it hard to type.

I will start by saying that she was the most beautiful bride and her day was just perfect despite some last minute changes.

She is a planner, just like her Dad. She does not “fly by the seat of her pants” very well but she bucked up and adjusted very well. She has been meticulously planning every detail for a good year now once the location was secure.

The wedding was lovingly hashtagged, #Franklinlovestory, which is where it all began and where the wedding took place, making their relationship come full circle. Franklin College’s campus is park-like; tree-lined, grassy and peaceful and known for its wildlife of the bushy tail type (squirrels) so it was a perfect spot to say “I do.” For the first time ever I actually don’t remember seeing squirrels so for all you animal lovers, no squirrels were harmed during the nuptials.

It was the hottest day of the year so far and the two people, who don’t do “outdoors” except to take their beloved Oliver to the dog park, had planned an outdoor wedding. Go figure.

But I know they had a vision of their special day and despite the extreme heat, by the time of the ceremony we were under shade and there was a slight breeze so it was perfect, just like they had imagined.

The reception was moved inside which was sort of a blessing, the blessing of air-conditioning. But when you cram a lot of people into a tight space, it was still warm but it was beautiful.

The food was provided by a food truck, a grilled cheese food truck, nonetheless. They also provided the hors d'oeuvres of wontons, meatballs, cheese and crackers, and fruit. It was delicious. Paige and Alex met them at the state fair last year after the sight of Paige’s favorite meal drew her to them.

The cake was made by our friend Kim Kiefer, all blue cakes and one white cake with raspberry filling thrown in for Bailey. According to Paige there was no budging on who was going to make her cake and it actually caused one venue to lose her business because no food could be brought in, not even the cake. That was a deal breaker for Paige.

The greatest part of their wedding was it was a reflection of their personalities. The theme was based on the Dr. Who television series. The colors were blue, Tardis blue to be exact. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, Google it. I had to take a crash course so I could be the cool mom.)

The men wore bow ties and suspenders, a reflection of one of the Doctor’s attire. The entire wedding party, even the minister, wore blue Converse tennis shoes, also a reflection of the series. The cake was blue, the punch was blue and there was even a blue adult beverage. It was everything they dreamed of.

Whether you understood the theme or not, it was evident that these two people love one another and that is the most important theme for a wedding.

Selfishly, I felt blessed to have shared the day with the love of my life, my son and my friends who are my family. They love Paige as their own and have helped shape her into the person she is today.

I have never felt so much love…love between two people about to be joined together, the love of family who have watched these kids grow into wonderful adults and the family friends who have been an important part of their lives.

Speaking of their friends…some I knew from Paige’s childhood and others have joined them along their way, many from their time at Franklin College. I just love them all. They are smart and witty, clever and loving. Paige and Alex are blessed beyond measure to have this support group by their side as they navigate this thing called marriage.


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