Temporary Kitchen


Our Temporary Kitchen

Our kitchen has a lot of character. Like, a WHOLE lot. When we bought the house, we had a completely different idea of what our kitchen would be like, and it was way different than the previous owners. And when we decided to move in, we had to take steps to make things "liveable," far from permanent. Unfortunately, there are many more steps we will need to take to get the kitchen fully completed.

Before we bought the house, there was a wall between the living room and kitchen. There was also a chimney (that really had no purpose, as there was no fireplace) in the living room, taking up much unnecessary room. There was also a small landing at the bottom of the stairs, making the already cramped hallway unbearable.

We knew before moving we would have to fix a lot of the major problems, so we got to work and were able to get quite a bit done. We took the wall between the living room and kitchen out. This has made our house look much more open and light. We completely took out the chimney, which has given us much more room to think about where and how to place things like furniture. We took the landing out, too, and opened up the stairs, so there isn't as much of a hallway.

We are currently still trying to figure out where the appliances, tables, TV, etc. will be permanently placed. We bought quite a few unfinished cabinets that I plan to paint white, and have thought a lot about adding a breakfast bar for us to sit at rather than a table. Today, we have a nice table and chairs that include leaves but may only bring it out when entertaining once we have the bar in place. We have placed the cabinets in their tentative places, as well as two pantries. As of right now, we are using plywood for our countertop. Like I said, our kitchen has character.

One thing I am looking forward to is the addition of an island. When we first started really planning out the layout of our kitchen, it was easy to think that an island would not be ideal due to lack of room. However, when we moved in and placed the cabinets in a fashion that seemed to please us, we had a couple left over. Alan suggested we put a couple of the cabinets in the middle of the room temporarily to see if it would be possible to work with an island. We somehow managed to get it centered in a way that doesn't interfere with taking pans out of the bottom of the stove, while simultaneously staying out of the way of the dishwasher when opened to load.

We are also planning on tiling our floor. When we got the house, we could see that someone did a poor job of laying down some lookalike wood laminate. We stripped three layers of flooring: the lookalike wood laminate, some linoleum, and actual hardwood. Alan took up the wood flooring as it was in too bad a shape to keep. We decided not to lay new hardwood in the kitchen due to possible water damage that could happen over time from the sink and dishwasher. As of right now, we have concrete board down as the kitchen floor until we pick out what tile we want. I am definitely ready to have a "real" floor in there, but we are taking our time to make sure everything is the way we want it. After all, just like the layout of our kitchen- everything is temporary.


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