Study: Smoking marijuana raises the risk of heart attack and stroke


Using marijuana can increase your chances of a stroke and heart failure, a new study has warned.

Scientists say that smoking cannabis increases the stroke by 26 percent and heart failure by 10 percent.

The drug was also linked with a variety of factors known to increase cardiovascular risk, including obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and alcohol use.

As more states look to legalize the drug, or to prescribe it medically to alleviate symptoms of other diseases, the study sheds new light on how the drug can seriously affect cardiovascular health.

The study analyzed over 20 million records of young and middle-aged patients from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample - compiled from one-fifth of all US health centers.

Compared to patients who didn’t report cannabis use, the team found a significantly increased risk in the pot-smoking patients for stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease and sudden cardiac death.

(Daily Mail)


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