Steel yourself for this one


After waiting for years, watching Hays and Sylvia lose teeth and reap rewards from the Tooth Fairy, Warner’s time has finally come.

It actually started late last spring when he awoke from a nap and a bottom tooth fell out. That was easy! Two weeks ago, his front chompers bid adieu, the first one a couple of days after school started, and its next door neighbor the following week.

He was so proud and, honestly, is there anything cuter than a little child missing his or her front teeth? No. There is not.

He loves to grin and show off the gaping hole. He grinned at himself in the mirror one night and commented, “Mom, I look like a saber tooth!” Yes, he does.

It’s so adorable how it’s affected his speech. Not having those teeth to push his tongue against has made deciphering what he’s trying to say a bit difficult. We were running late last week and as I was yelling to “COME ON! NOW!” to Hays and Sylvia, Warner (who is always the first one up and ready) was very worried and trying to ask me something. After having him repeat it several times, I deciphered, “Mom, aww we gonna mith the nnounthments? We have to be in our womb for the nnouthments.” He was asking if he was going to be tardy; students are required to be in their rooms before the morning announcements.

As I laughed, I hugged him and assured him we would make it in time. “Pfew!” he replied.

One person who’s having no trouble interpreting what Warner’s saying these days is his best buddy, Cole. They are in kindergarten together, but much to Warner’s consternation, Mrs. Miller didn’t seat them at the same table. May have had something to do with the way those two cut up throughout the entire spring musical when they were placed side by side, I don’t know.

Anyway, apparently Cole has been asking Warner how he’s losing teeth. Warner just turned 6 and is the oldest in his class and probably the first to pass this milestone, so his missing “teef” are something of a novelty I suppose.

We used to have a sign that hung in the news department. Above an arrow pointing to our department it read: “Master tale spinners.” If only I had that sign to hang in the hall outside Warner’s door.

Cole’s mom messaged me on Facebook to tell me Warner’s been sharing the secret of how to lose teeth. “I bang my head on steel,” he told Cole. “And I eat steel, too.”

Oh, my. Here’s hoping that Cole does not follow his friend’s advice on this one. And that if Warner decides to take up writing as a career, he chooses fiction over news.

Otherwise, we’d better locate that sign.


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