She’s turning into a girl!


She loves bugs – live ones, of course – over Barbie dolls any old day of the week. If there’s a tree, she’ll climb it. If someone makes a rude comment about one of her brothers, she’s on them. And if there’s a mud puddle within a mile, she’s in it.

That’s my Sylvia.

She and I are very different. As a child, I played in the mud, but carefully. I made beautiful mud pies but I did not roll in it – ever. If someone looked at me cross eyed, I’d cry. And I loved nothing more than to dress up and play house.

I was what is known as a girly girl. I gave birth to a tomboy.

Lately, however, Sis has been showing some signs of girliness and I am thrilled! A couple of weeks ago, we spent Friday night giving her a manicure and pedicure. And out of the blue Thursday evening she announced on the way home from gymnastics that she was going to do her makeup and dress up for me when we got home. Woo hoo!

We arrived home and she went into the bathroom, setting out eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and brushes on the vanity. She asked me to give her cat eyes. Yes! She knows what those are! She then kicked me out and set to work.

Hays and Warner came in and wanted to use the bathroom. Sylvia had the doors locked, so they started pounding. She eventually relented, letting them in only long enough to do their business. “Sylvia looks weird,” commented Warner as he exited. “Yeah, it’s creepy,” agreed Hays.

“I HEARD THAT!!!” yelled Sylvia.

By the time I finished eating dinner, Sylvia emerged. She was a vision. I told her that her makeup application skills have improved dramatically since she was 3 and oh, they have. Her eyes were shadowed in deep blue with sparkles on top. Her blush was not the least bit streaky. Her deep red lips were neatly outlined.

She had even painted her nails and put on a beautiful flowered dress! She still had on her mismatched knee socks from crazy sock day at school, her gymnastics top under her dress and her sneakers on, but hey, we’re making progress here folks. Major progress.

I see a fancy tea in the near future …


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