Salem Police Action 04/10/17 To 04/16/17


Salem Police Action 04/10/17 To 04/16/17


Assist EMS, Emma

Suspicious Vehicle, Southway

Theft from Storage Unit, Webb St.

Possible Intoxicated Male, Posey and Hackberry

Open 911 Line on Tucker St.

Vehicle Retrieved, Aspen Dr.

Suspicious Subject, Michael St.

Suspicious Female, Graves Ct.


Suspicious Female, Water St

Barking Dog, Mitchell/Morris

Possible Intoxicated Driver, 56/60

Accident (Property Damage), 56/60

911 Open Line, Tucker St.

Custody Issue, SMS

Theft, Casey’s General Store

Theft, Walmart


Alarm, Durbin’s Carpets

911 Hang up at Kimball’s

Theft, Oakwood

Subject Passed Out at Mini Barn, Posey/Hackberry

Unknown 911 call, College Ave.

Verbal Altercation, G&S Auto Sales

Problems w/Neighbor, Parkview

Woman Seizing behind Dumpster, Goodwill

Vandalism, N. Brandywine Ct

Suspicious Person, Suntan City

Theft from Walmart

Possible Overdose, Women’s Shelter

Suspicious Vehicle, John Jones

Possible Overdose, Golden St.


Several People around YMCA

Theft from Vehicle Department, Locust

Trespassing, W. Market

Accident (Property Damage), Jim Day Rd./Hackberry

Possible Problem w/Ex-Employee, McDonald’s

Suicidal Subject, Mission In Home Care

2 Males w/Gun near Aspen

Alarm, E. Market St.

Unruly Patient, St. Vincent ER

Domestic Problem, Hickory Ave.

Suspicious Person, Hickory Ave.

Fight in Progress, Fairview Dr.

Possible Overdose, Fairview


Theft, Fairview

Accident (Property Damage), Elizabeth/Hackberry

Accident (Property Damage), Hwy. 56/60

Accident (Property Damage), Mulberry/Water

Accident (Property Damage), Walmart/Taco Bell

Trespassed Person, Walmart

Subject Selling Radios/Cell Phones, Walmart

Verbal Domestic Problem, Florence

Truck in Street, N. Posey


Intoxicated Male, 56/60

Suspicious Males, Walmart

Violation of Protection Order, W. Market

Alarm at JMS Management

Vehicle Damage, KFC

Crying Female, Old 60

Neighbor’s Garage Door Open, S. High

Trespass, Smith St.

Neighbors Fighting, Hickory St.

Verbally Abusive Customer, Walmart

Loud Boom, Palm Dr.

Suspicious Vehicle, Family Video

Information, Posey/Small


Investigation, Palm

Man Slumped Over/Sleeping in Car, Dairy Queen

2 Boys Throwing Rocks at Semi, RR Tracks

Stabbing, St. Vincent ER

Erratic Female, N. Main St.

Suspicious Vehicle, Tucker St.

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