Salem Animal Shelter Pets



• "Vida" is a female Border Collie mix. Likes: order and precision, amateur anthropology, watching YouTube videos about unlikely animal friendships. Dislikes: pickles, rampant misogyny, spiders.

• "Obi" is a male, beagle mix, 2 to 3. Likes improv comedy, rides in the car, happy country music. Dislikes: mopey country music, movies where the dog's death is just a plot point used to motivate the protagonist, the snow.

• “Hoss” is a male pit bull, 2 years. He’s fine with other dogs but absolutely not fine with cats. About 60 pounds. Very friendly, loves everyone he meets, and is always up for a ride in the car. He's very strong and has a lot of playful energy. He'll need a home with a fenced yard and no small children. If you would like to fill out an application for Hoss, please email Likes: hot dogs, bratwursts, steak. Dislikes: cats, when someone steals his spot on the couch when he was only going to be up for a minute, getting wet.

• “Hamilton” is a heartworm-positive, male pit bull. He showed up at the shelter after the flood with a good weight, but very long toenails. He’s pretty happy and gets along with other dogs and loves kids, but is enormously offended by cats. He’s about 50 pounds and housebroken. Likes: Buzzfeed lists, yogurt, romping. Dislikes: rompers, heartworms, nail clippers.

• "Troy" is a male, Lab mix, around 50 pounds. Likes: chasing things, ska music (secretly), wagging his tail. Dislikes: the very idea of shoes/booties for dogs (he would rather be carried in order to avoid heat/salt burns and snow because he's worth it), spiderwebs, police sirens.

• “Baby Boy” is a mastiff mix, 5, neutered male, around 70 pounds. He’s had a rough few months. Baby Boy was adopted by a couple who loved him but wasn’t able to give him the medical treatment he needed. He has had surgery for entropion eye (eye lids turned in and the lashes continually scratched his eyes which caused them to water), and had an infected and abscessed anal gland when he was surrendered, which burst. He is on antibiotics and doing better now. He gets along fine with other dogs and loves people. Likes: vintage roadsters, bratwursts, speedboating. Dislikes: celery, floppy hats, rabbits.

• “Sammy" is a male, white Lab-Retriever mix. Likes: Twitter, miniature golf, chasing down tennis balls. Dislikes: rainy days, the booms from fireworks, fish.


• It’s kitten season, so there’s lots to choose from. With the first round of shots and the spay/neuter costs included in the $40 adoption fee, they shelter is more or less paying you to bring kittens home. Come by and check them out! If you surrender a litter of puppies or kittens, you can get the mothers spayed for free — call 812-883-3673. Giving kittens and puppies away for free does not help the community’s pet overpopulation problem. Animals adopted from the shelter are spayed or neutered.

• “Trill” is a young adult tiger cat. Likes: pouncing, purring, French fries. Dislikes: Jackson Pollack paintings, noisy dogs (calm, quiet ones are fine), static-charged cellophane.

• “Lex" is a calico kitten. Likes: every avenue to pursue anything she's curious about, snuggles (on her terms, please — you should know to stop exactly two miliseconds before she attacks), pouncing. Dislikes: her absence of opposable thumbs (gets in the way of her plans to overthrow humanity), when someone picks the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, not being allowed to climb the Christmas tree.

• "Zeta" is a gray-striped kitten. Likes: scampering, auditing college classes, jazz music. Dislikes: when humans aren't suitably impressed with her offerings of slain ants she spent whole seconds hunting, westerns, tomatoes.

• "Maji" is a gray striped kitten. Likes: blogging on Tumblr, watching foreign movies, chasing the red dot. Dislikes: spicy food, the overuse of Styrofoam, tortilla chips.

• "Brenda" is a mother cat ready to find a nice place for an empty nester to settle down. Likes: Broadway soundtracks, listening to podcasts, Purrkinstocks. Dislikes: bad drivers, rowdy teens, people who want to defund NPR.

• “Fitz” is a white and gray cat, young adult. Likes: animated movies, popcorn, pickles. Dislikes: apples with the peels still on, people who dismiss animated movies as “just kids movies” because they’re not live action, authoritarianism.

• "Chloe" is a gray and white female kitten, 4 months. Her sister was adopted and she doesn't understand why they didn't take her, too. Very cuddly. Likes: snuggles, cheesy rom-coms, televised MMA fighting. Dislikes: dust bunnies that hide all the way under the couch, boxes that aren't big enough to fit all the way into, aluminum foil.

Adoption fees include rabies shot and normal cost of spay and neuter. Adoption cost for dogs is $65 and $40 for cats. The return-to-owner fee is $10, plus a $2 per-day board fee and proof of rabies shot or another $10.

Shelter hours are Monday through Friday, from 1 to 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. Closed on Sunday and holidays. Contact Salem Animal Control or the Salem Shelter at 812-883-3673 or Washington County Animal Control at 812-883-5999.


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