Reminiscing at the pool


Reminiscing at the pool

I always enjoyed going to the Salem pool when I was a kid. I can remember going with my baby sitter, Robin Deaton, one day a week. Although my mom was a teacher and I didn’t have to go to day care in the summer, I would beg to go on that day. I always looked forward to pool days with my friends.

As I got older, I went more often with friends and family and by middle school, my pals and I were riding our bikes up the hill daily to get our swim on.

In high school, my friends were working as the lifeguards and I’d go hang out with them on my days off from my part-time high school gig.

Lots of good, fun memories from every stage of my life.

Now that I have kids of my own, I’m enjoying the pool from a different view. I have taken my girls a few times over the years, mostly for pool parties. But this year, with their ages, we are going a couple of times a week and having a blast.

My older girls always find a friend from school to swim with, jump off the diving board and go down the slides. And they are so good at playing together that they keep each other entertained. My youngest doesn’t know a stranger, so she always has a new best friend before we pack up to head home in the late afternoon sun.

While they use up some energy and work on those social skills, I sit back and watch them play and enjoy my quiet time.

My middle child is always worried that I’m lonely and bored...but I assure her repeatedly that I am just fine! I look forward to sitting and relaxing in the sun and even reminiscing about my days at the pool growing up.

Before long, it will be my oldest child’s turn to get to go to the pool by herself with her buddies and start making her own memories. It doesn’t seem possible.

I’m thankful to be raising my girls in the town I grew up in and love watching them experience some of the same things I did, but with their own twists, their own friends and their own memories.

Summer time in a small town is pretty great.


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