Quiet still has its challenges


The last couple weeks have been somewhat quiet (and cold). We have gotten settled into the house a little more. However, there is always room for a challenge. This week was the hose on our washer freezing and busting, causing a large leak in our laundry room. I usually come home from work for lunch and try to do a bit of housework. I ran a load of laundry like normal, but you can imagine my surprise when I came home a few hours later ready to put those clothes in the dryer and found a pool of water in the middle of our carpeted laundry room. With the help of a box fan and some towels, we were able to get the floor dried up fairly quickly.

Luckily, we were able to replace the hose, and after a few trial runs to make sure that we wouldn't have another small flood on our hands, we are back in business. I am super happy about that, since I'm the one on laundry duty and do not want to go back and forth to my parents' house to wash clothes like I did until we finally hooked up the washer and dryer.

My husband, Alan, has been adding more and more insulation during this cold time of the year, hoping to attain a decent electric bill this month. I, of course, have been adding more and more "stuff" (groceries, decorations, etc.) We have two cats, Oliver and Mellie, and they just seem to be adding more and more fur to the equation. We also have a dog named Max (I know that is an extremely original name, but I kid you not, he looks like a "Max"), who is generally an outside dog; however, due to this extreme cold we've been experiencing, Alan and I have decided to let him in during the nights and most of the days,too. We have went from having an empty house to having a zoo fairly quickly.

The house is chaotic between us working on it while trying to maintain a home life and taking care of animals. Sometimes I feel it is best to have a place to go to when you just want to take a few minutes out of the day to relax and unwind...mine is my bathroom. When we first moved in a few weeks ago, I told Alan no matter what happens in the house, I can go into our bathroom and pretend like I am vacationing in a fancy hotel somewhere. He just laughed, but he thinks our bathroom is pretty awesome, too.

We have worked very hard trying to get a nice bathroom. One of the main things we did when we first bought the house was knock out a bedroom and transform it into the bathroom. Our original bathroom was about the size of a closet. My husband suggested we make this change, saying I "wouldn't be able to deal with such a small bathroom for years." I am sure that isn't true, but I am thankful to not have the chance to find out! We put new drywall up and then added ceramic tile to the floors and the shower. We have a tile border around the floor of the shower and stones in the middle. We then bought a double vanity which was again a suggestion by my husband to make things more comfortable for me (although I am sure he likes having the extra space compared to the tiny pedestal sink we previously had). We painted the walls a light beige that complements the bronze faucets and shower head. All that is missing is the whirlpool tub, but we plan on adding one when the more important things are finished. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my little oasis! Stay tuned-I know there will be much more to come on our homeowner journey!


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