Out of the mouths of babes


Out of the mouths of babes

Sylvia’s birthday was two weeks ago and we had her party on Friday, April 8. We invited her entire class and half of the students were able to come. Three of the little boys came this year, which thrilled her because it’s just been a couple of the girls in the past. It was the largest turnout thus far.

We also let Hays and Warner each invite a friend so they’d have someone to play with and, hopefully, not fight with Sylvia and her friends. I drove the Traverse and Darin drove his extended cab Dodge. We couldn’t have fit another kid in unless we strapped him to the top. Not a good idea since that was a cool and rainy day.

Ugh.… the rain. Never good when you’re hauling 11 kids home for a five-hour visit. My visions of them playing ball, jumping on the trampoline and climbing trees were washed away as my windshield wipers swished, swished, swished in the rain, which fell harder the closer we got to home.

My thoughts were distracted by the conversation I overheard. (If you ever want some entertainment, get a group of 5-7 year olds together and just listen. If that doesn’t make you laugh, there is no hope for you.) It all started with Christian and Bobby joking around and Christian saying to Bobby, “I’ll cut your head off!”

“Oh! If you do that, you’ll go to jail!” exclaimed Abby.

“Nuh-uh,” chimed in Sylvia. “Kids don’t go to jail, but teenagers do.”

Levi: “I have a sister. She’s a teenager.”

Bobby: “Is she in jail?”

It was all I could do to not laugh out loud. Oh. My. Gosh! They are sooo funny!

And, fortunately, well-behaved for a group of elementary kids on a Friday afternoon. We had to pose for a group photo when we got home and every boy found it necessary to be wielding a weapon. The girls were in the back, just looking cool.

There were sword fights, gun battles, super heroes in costume, makeup artists (who had very avant garde ideas, judging from the pink and blue streaks on the girls’ faces) and various, impromptu musical performances that were … well, LOUD to the ear as the evening progressed.

The rain even stopped and the group stampeded to the trampoline. We escaped without a broken bone or even a cut or bruise. (My prayers were answered once again.)

It was a full evening and the time passed quickly. I always schedule the kids’ parties for right after school so they’ll have time to play without being rushed to eat-watch the guest of honor open gifts-eat cake and ice cream-go home. But every time, as we make our way home after school, I experience a moment of panic: What the heck and I thinking? I have to finish cooking and oversee almost a dozen hooligans? Aggghhhh!!

Somehow, it always works out. The kids all look forward to their birthday parties with great anticipation and are so excited when their friends come over. Each event has its stressful moments, no doubt, but those are greatly overshadowed by the great memories that are being made.


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