Not-So-Quiet Weekend


It was quite a weekend at the Johnson residence. While I expected a decently quiet couple of days, we ended up doing quite a bit around the house. First of all, we have been discussing the idea of a starting a garden. Last weekend, Alan bought various packs of seeds including: tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, green beans, and squash. We have a nice plot of land for in town (about 1/2 acre) so we want to get the most out of it. We have a tiller, so Alan created a large square in the back corner of our property. It kind of looks like our very own Farmville. I'm pretty excited to start getting some planting done in the next couple of weeks!

One thing we were not really expecting to work on this weekend was a leak that we recently discovered in our basement. Alan dug a whole outside to investigate (to the surprise of our dog, Max. He seems to think he is the only one allowed to dig holes in the yard.) and sure enough, the sewer line was cracked.

Partly due to this leak but also because we decided it was time to clean out the basement, Alan opened the windows down there to get air circulating. Little did we know this would cause a completely different problem. Alan was pretty worn out after digging the hole outside and tilling earlier in the day, so he decided to take a nap. Thinking this was a good idea, I napped for a few minutes then decided to watch some tv. I talked to my mom on the phone for a few minutes, as well. I noticed our cat Mellie laying in her little cat bed, but hadn't seen Oliver for a while. I figured he was upstairs sleeping in one of our boxes which has become one of his favorite pastimes.

While I was on my tablet, Alan woke up, closed the windows in the basement, and watched tv for bit. I told him to come over to where I was so I could show him a Facebook post from one of my friends. He said he'd be right over, but wanted to break up a cat fight that he could hear coming from outside. Of course, curiosity got the best of me so I followed him out. When we got outside, there was only one cat remaining- a cat that looked strangely like Oliver. I commented on this, but Alan just said "yeah, kind of." After another minute of looking Alan concluded "Oh, it is Oliver."

Oliver follows me around everywhere in the house, so I assumed that just calling him would get him over to me and I could scoop him up and take him back inside. This was NOT the case. I think he believed he would be in trouble, so when we called for him he thought the better idea would be to run underneath our back deck and stay there. I decided to outsmart him by shaking a bag of treats at him (both cats hear that from the other side of the house and come to me in most cases). He still wouldn't budge! Alan decided the best bet to get him out would be to get on top of our deck and stomp as loud as possible. After the third time doing this, Oliver flew out from under the deck. I couldn't catch him, but cleverly we left the screen door to our front porch open. Sure enough, he ran onto the porch and into our trap. I followed him closely and shut the screen door behind me.

Oliver was very panicked, and tried to climb up the side of our house! He would not sit still and was so spooked that nothing would calm him down. After he realized attempting to climb the house wasn't the best plan, he thought it smart to run back outside. He didn't realize that I had closed the door behind me, however, and ran right into it! This is one of those classic moments where you make sure the person (or animal, in this case) is ok, then you can laugh. Oliver ran over to our window and started scratching on our screen and Alan snuck onto the porch and was able to pick him up.

We FINALLY got Oliver inside. The poor cat was panting, but sat down on the floor. Mellie quickly came in and ran up to him. She looked just like a person making a fuss over someone who is scared or hurt. After following the cats upstairs, then downstairs, we opened our bedroom door and they went under our bed. I was concerned because Oliver was still panting, but our cool bedroom helped him recover. We left him alone, and after a few hours, he seemed almost like his old self.

Because it was a beautiful, dry day outside, we decided to get our couch from my parents' house. We had been meaning to for a while, but with the unpredictable rain lately, we hadn't had the chance. We retrieved the couch and came back home. I was happy to see Oliver acting more himself. Of course, laying on the couch with me helped.

Sunday was a peaceful day. We had my parents over for dinner and did some more cleaning around the house. In the evening, we sat down on our couch and watched America's Funniest Home Videos. It was nice to look around and have our living room look like a living room. It was also nice to appreciate the little things, like our couch. I will try not to take any of the comfort we have for granted, and I believe Oliver won't either.

Stay tuned to see what we get into next time!


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