Never anything on TV


My son, Bailey, and I have a wide variety of television genres that we watch. Of course, if it was up to him he could watch sports 24 hours a day but he does have other interests, too. Thank goodness for me, his TV companion. I do enjoy sports and sometimes feel quite knowledgeable about them thanks to Bailey sharing his knowledge with me, but I don’t want to watch them ALL the time.

I think I am safe to say that his favorite would be college basketball, especially University of Kentucky. But he doesn’t just stop there he also watches the high school recruits during the McDonald’s All Star game and the Jordan classic and knows who is committed to playing where.

He also continues to follow UK grads that play in the NBA. This season, he reported to me the other day, Karl Anthony Towns was named this year’s rookie of the year. He does follow non-UK players and teams, too. This season he, along with thousands of others, has hopped on the Stephen Curry bandwagon and is hoping the Warriors can pull off the championship.

In addition to basketball, he watches football both college and professional, paying special attention to the players that are on his fantasy team and always yelling for the Colts.

NASCAR is on his radar also. He watches almost every race and has even branched out to watch the XFINITY races, too. Duane, Bailey and I entered a NASCAR contest and each week we compete for bragging rights. He cheers for his weekly contest driver, which changes each week, but he always roots for Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

And the only baseball he watches is the Reds and lucky for me our Dish Network provides him with exclusive game coverage on ESPN Ohio. Who knew this even existed? Do you realize how many games professional baseball teams play? I feel like it is in the thousands as the season is relatively fresh and I have watched more games than I would like to admit. Now don’t get me wrong, I like baseball but not on TV. It’s about as boring as golf.

And wait…just when I thought my attention span couldn’t be more challenged, you guessed it, he started watching golf! Oh my goodness, the tortures we must go through as parents.

Last night I came home to him and Duane watching of all things, The Scripps National Spelling Bee. I know it seems odd, sports to spelling. I warned you from the beginning that his interests were vast. The kicker is, however, that the final round is televised on ESPN, of all stations.

The sad thing is that when the camera showed one of the finalist’s families, I said, “Wasn’t that boy the winner a couple of year’s ago?” Yeah, we watch it every year. And guess what, the answer was “yes.” One of this year’s co-winners, 13-year-old Jairam, was indeed a spelling prodigy. His brother was co-champion in 2014.

The other winner was an 11-year-old genius, Nihar, nicknamed “The Machine,” who didn’t misspell any words, including those in the qualifying rounds both verbal and written, until late in the final rounds.

They both put me to shame, I couldn't write this column intelligently without the help of spellcheck.

We also enjoy the Voice, although we are thinking about boycotting next season, as we are not sure we can deal with Miley Cirus as a judge. This year’s finale disappointed us too because neither one of our picks won. Sour grapes from the Hamiltons, I guess.

We have also started to watch The Big Bang Theory from the beginning thanks to Netflix. We get a new disc every 4 to 5 days because as soon as we get it in the mail, we binge watch the episodes. We are two discs in and about to finish season one.

Other shows we can’t live without are, Agents of Shield, and new this year, Quantico and Rush Hour. We also watch Agent Carter, which is also a Marvel series that fills in during Agents of Shield’s downtime, but rumor is that it was not renewed.

I don’t know what we would do without the DVR because Bailey also watches a ton of other shows and he can only watch one show per television so the others have to get recorded.

And to make matters worse, in addition to getting Netflix online, Bailey now subscribes to Hulu and is also using DISH Prime to get caught up on shows he missed. But for some reason, there are more days than I care to admit that I can flip through the millions of channels on the TV and there is never anything on…go figure.


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