My baby is growing up!


My 3 year old, who happens to call herself a “Big Kid,” has officially started preschool. I don’t know how it happened! One minute she was a helpless newborn and the next she was a sassy little girl.

The first day of school was monumental, not only because it was her first day of school, but also because she is my LAST baby and it was her third birthday! All in one day!

She was so excited to get up and have breakfast with her two older sisters, get dressed for school, have her official first day of school pictures taken and grab her backpack as she jumped in the car.

We had several conversations on the way across town (anyone who knows my Katie knows how much she likes to talk) and she told me how happy and excited she was. For some reason, I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. I just knew when she got there and found out I was leaving that she wouldn’t want to stay.

But the situation couldn’t have been more opposite...

When we got there, we went in through the sea of parents and other eager first time students and looked for the hook with her name. We had to hang up her back pack, get her Crayons and find a seat. She did just as she was told and was thrilled to find out she was sitting across from her sweet friend, Keeley.

She immediately picked up a Crayon and began coloring. Several kids in the class were crying as their parents left, which made me a little nervous that Katie, too, would get upset when I said my goodbyes and headed out the door.

I stood and watched her color for a just a couple of minutes and as I was getting ready to go, she looked sweetly up at me and said, at least I thought she said, “This is green.” I looked at her paper and she had only used an orange Crayon so far, so I said, “Katie! That’s not green it’s orange!”

I was surprised because she has known her colors for awhile now.

She looked at me again, not so sweetly this time, and said, “I said you can leave.”

Ouch! Right through the heart!

Needless to say, my independent, fun loving girl is ready to do her own thing whether mom is ready or not.


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