Moving...It's a blast


Moving...It's a Blast

Fixing up a house is one thing, but moving while in the middle of a home improvement journey is a whole separate saga. I don't know many people who actually enjoy the moving process. I'd be lying if I said I did. There are just so many things to do.

Do I keep these items that I haven't used in three years? Do I throw these clothes out? Do I bag these up to donate? This isn't even the hard part! The worst thing about moving is, well, moving.

If you ask my husband, he would say that I do not like change. Of course, the journey of owning a house together has been an exciting one, but getting down to the nitty gritty of boxing up and moving has been laced with curiosity, joy, and disillusion.

For example, I was under the impression that we had everything we needed to move into our own space. This belief was quickly shot down. Oh, you mean we need curtains? Did someone say something about a spice rack? What's an ice cube tray? It's amazing how many simple things we take for granted and believe are always there, yet quickly remember how important or practical they are when we start from scratch without them.

Let's not forget the joys of packing, as well. We are still taking boxes to our house even after almost six weeks of living there. We have the necessities, and unfortunately quite a bit of junk already accumulated. But still we have so much more to either move or toss.

Don't get me wrong - I am absolutely ecstatic to have our own space...we just hope to keep it a bit more organized and neater than before. I'm just not ready yet to give up the dream of having an uncluttered house. I know it's coming, but it seems all I am doing is prolonging the inevitable.

And then there are the cats who try their best to provide their own clutter. We have hardwood floors in our living room. When we first bought the house, we removed the two or three layers of linoleum that had been carelessly added and came across some original hardwood flooring. My husband sanded and finished the wood and now it looks great. There are a few places where it isn't perfect, especially after 70 years of wear and tear, but it adds character to our home.

So the cats who are actually still overly playful kittens have been aggressively fighting with one another. Mellie, our female kitten, has longer hair than our bigger male kitten, Oliver. Often (and usually right after vacuuming the floors) we will hear a bit of "meowing" and lots of padded kitten feet running around.

When we go back into the living room area, it looks like a cat exploded. There is hair everywhere! And then it is round two with vacuuming again. Despite their spats, it seems like they have settled in nicely, but I have a feeling they think they own the house and can arrange (and rearrange) it however they please.

I hope everyone has a great Super Bowl weekend. I know where I'll be - probably at the store buying things we still need or maybe bringing a few more boxes over to the house. I will let you know next time when I update the world again on our slow but sure moving adventure.


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