Mills Market continues to grow with new ideas

Tara Mills enjoys being creative with her business.
Tara Mills enjoys being creative with her business.

Tara Mills grew up watching her mom craft.

“My dad would cut wood pieces and my mom would paint them,” she said. “Mom was always doing something crafty.”

After college, Mills married her husband, Eric, who is a police officer.

“He worked second and third shifts,” she said. “I was home alone a lot, so I started crafting again to pass the time.”

Mills dabbled in a little bit of everything, but she kept seeing vinyl decals and curiosity got the best of her.

“I researched how they were made and decided I was going to get a machine to do it,” she said. “I mostly just started doing things for myself and my family, but I kept getting messages from my Facebook friends if I could make them this or that and it just blossomed.”

Mills said the name for her business came from Eric always answering their phone with “Millllls Market.” The name just stuck.

The business is still fairly new. She has been making decals and designs for about a year.

“I make vinyl decals for metal/glass/plastic tumblers, wine glasses, coffee mugs,” she said. “I also make wall decals. T-shirts are my newest venture.”

Mills said most of her ideas come from searching the internet and from suggestions from customers.

“People will send photos asking if I can make something specific,” she said.

Mills Market is a side business for Mills, who works full time as a dental assistant at Kearschner Family Dentistry.

“One of my bosses, Jared Kearschner, helps with some of the designs,” she said. “We kid that he is the creative genius.”

Mills said she does a lot of custom orders for those who have their own idea in mind.

She said she enjoys the business because it lets her creative side flow.

“It’s not a job, it’s a hobby,” she said. “It’s fun … not that I don’t love my day job because I totally do!”

The most challenging side of the business is that she does have a full time job, which can make it hard to get things done in a timely manner.

“And quality control,” she said. “I’m always concerned that everyone’s purchases are holding up and exactly the way they want it.”

Although she loves Mills Market, Mills said she has no intentions of quitting her day job.

“I love being a dental assistant by day, but I’m not opposed to some bigger order either,” she said. “I have a great family that comes to help me. My mom has some background with t-shirts, so she enjoys crafting and helping. I always put my sister and Eric to work, too!”

Mills said her goals are to make unique items and always have fun with it.

“I’ve met some new people and networked and learned tips and tricks and had lots of fun doing it,” she said. “I like going to the football field and seeing people enjoying their shirt or their decal on their tumbler. Makes me smile!”

Mills said she is always taking messages for orders.

“Feel free to message me with an order,” she said. “I don’t always know my limitations to what I can or cannot do. I always try to be up front if I can’t do something.”

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