Make yourself a priority in 2017


For the past three weeks I have been participating in an exercise/eating healthy accountability group.

I’m not really good about holding myself accountable, but when I join a group of friends who are constantly posting about getting their exercise in or sharing delicious recipes, it motivates me to do the same.

It goes along with that whole idea of moms encouraging each other. It’s not a competition. We are all just trying to be the best person we can be.

For moms, I think it’s hard to find time to do things for yourself. I have this horrible thing hanging over my head called “Mom Guilt!”

How could I possibly do anything for myself? There are so many things that need to be done! Little people need me!

However, when I’m part of these groups, I realize that other women are feeling the same way I do. And guess what? It’s ok for us to take time out for ourselves.

After all, if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, how can we take care of everyone else?

Everyone may have their own guilty pleasure, whether it’s going out with friends, going out for coffee, heading to the movies, reading a book, etc. Find something to do for yourself every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes can make a huge difference in how you handle the rest of your day.

I know if I’m constantly going for everyone else and do nothing for myself, it drains me. I get resentful of every single person around me. And it’s not their fault. It’s my fault for not taking the time for me.

Getting up at 6 a.m. every day is my time. I get my exercise in, I feel good about myself and I am ready to do whatever is needed of me the rest of the day.

As we enter into the second month of 2017, I encourage all our readers to find something that makes them happy, that keeps them going, and do it. Make a pact to take care of you this year.


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