Love for the first day of school


There’s just something about that first day of school. The excitement of the students, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, seeing familiar faces and the promise of a new, fun school year. It’s contagious. As a parent, I still get those same feelings right along with my daughters. I just love the beginning of a new school year.

I started a tradition when my oldest entered kindergarten (she is going into fifth grade this year) and that is to take them each school shopping individually. The day is all about them - picking out supplies, new clothes and lunch at the restaurant of their choice. It is so fun to be able to spend one-on-one time with each of them and they all look forward to it so much. They know it is their special day that is all about them.

This year, my oldest chose a day in Bloomington, exploring Indiana University, lunch at FarmBloomington (a new place for us both), Staples for school supplies and Target for fun stuff. She is growing so fast and acts much older than her age of 10. She makes me so proud with her huge heart, her love of learning and her yearning to always get involved, learn as much as she can and contribute her talents.

My seven year old is my mini-me. We often butt heads, but when she has me all to herself, we have a pretty great time! She is so funny, clever and loving. She absolutely loves life and everything in it. She is always up for a good time, enjoys spending time with her friends more than anything and is looking forward to first grade. She chose Target for supplies this year, Old Navy for her clothes and requested lunch at Panera Bread (one of my favorites!). Of course we ended our day at Toys R Us to spend some birthday money.

It will be a monumental school year for our family because our youngest, soon-to-be three year old, will head to preschool and she is so excited! She has picked out things throughout the summer - an Elsa backpack, folder, etc. I’m waiting for her big sisters to head back to school before our big day out together. She is a goofy, fun-loving kid who is totally going to rule her class.

I am thankful my girls have always been excited and not nervous about heading into the building on the first day. It’s easy to be happy and get excited when they are and it’s easy for them to look at it positively when I do. People often talk about crying when they take their child to their first day of kindergarten, first day of middle school, etc. I have yet to shed tears on those days, mostly because I’m excited for them and their next step. I don’t want them to be sad about big days, I want them to be happy and excited about the possibilities ahead.

I hope everyone has a great first day back!


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