Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

My husband and I have never been in too much of a hurry about anything. I get impatient about some topics, but we both know slow and steady wins the race. For instance, we bought our house almost three years before we moved in. We wanted to take our time to make sure we put in exactly what we visioned (and what we believe will sell it many years down the road). We saw many people that we knew living comfortably in their houses, often just renting. We felt like it would be best roughing it for a bit rather than putting money into something we couldn't keep and would never just be ours. More than anything, we wanted to create something that makes us proud.

In April, we decided to purchase a new vehicle. We'd been talking about it for quite a while, and it finally seemed like the right time. When I first started working here at the Leader, my car completely quit on me (to the point that it would cost more than we paid for it to repair). We lucked out and found a decent vehicle. Alan's car was on its last leg, as well, so we buckled down and made the decision to get a nice SUV. We ended up with a Subaru Crosstrek, with an average of 34 mile per gallon on highway. We knew that the great gas mileage would help combat the car payment. We have an unspoken understanding that what may be uncomfortable now will be worth it in a few years. We are proud to be able to get a nice car with many safety features. This will be important for the next new addition I am writing about...

In November, we will be welcoming our first baby! We want to get everything done that we can on our house in the next few months to prepare for HIS arrival. Most importantly, our house only has one bedroom currently. We do have an upstairs, which is virtually finished, but we know it will be a few years before we would feel comfortable to move our child up there. We have a large walk-in closet that we plan to turn into a nursery for the next couple of years. It isn't finished yet, so it will be easier to transform the space into what we need now.

Our first step is to paint and add shelves in the nursery. Since, it will eventually be a walk-in closet, the shelves will stay even after our son moves upstairs. Our bedroom is blue and will eventually have white molding, as well. My idea is to paint the nursery just a couple shades lighter than our bedroom. Our plan is to make our own wooden shelves with wicker baskets instead of drawers (depending on if it will go well with the bedding and overall theme of the nursery-still TBA at this point!).

We will obviously need to move all of our clothes out of the nursery beforehand. My plan is to move them into our laundry room. We will put in shelves there, as well. With this project, we will be fixing up two unfinished rooms...with a timeline of right about four months. We'll be rushing to get the job done, but it will be much easier now than when the baby comes.

Sure, we have just begun our most exciting "project." I can tell you without a doubt, though, that this is the one we will be most proud of! And just like our house...and our car...we know he will be worth the wait!


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