Full-fledged nerd


I’ve always considered myself to be nerdy. I’ve written several times about my love of video games, comic books, and Star Wars. Thusly I’ve checked off several boxes to the “nerd list” or things that make one nerdy I guess.

A guilty pleasure of mine when I was a kid was Dragon Ball Z . It’s an anime cartoon that involves lots of fighting and what not. I used to watch it after school everyday and my friends and I would pretend to be the characters from the show on the playground. It’s Japanese of course. When the re-runs are on I will occasionally watch them.

So now I’ve checked off the video games, comic books, Star Wars, and anime from the nerd checklist. That leaves jus one more thing.

Well I finally checked off the last box earlier this year.

The last box on my nerd list was to play the most famous of all nerd games “Dungeons and Dragons.” Well I finally joined a group earlier this year in January and we have just begun a second campaign and I am officially hooked.

My first character was an elf cleric (and now I know I’ve already lost some of you) and I have really enjoyed this play through. To put it simply I can heal, cast magic, and I’m good with sword and shield. So basically my character is everything I like to do when I play similar video games.

It’s really just fun hanging out with people. It’s basically a multiplayer game, but there are no consoles, or TVs. It’s just you, your friends, snacks, and your character sheets. The rest is up to your imagination.

In our second campaign I am a human sorcerer. So I essentially just cast magic spells, but it goes more in the destruction/damage dealing side of things. That makes it pretty fun, so it’s different than my other character, although I haven’t gotten to play with him too much.

I had opportunities to play in school, but never did because of the demands of high school sports and a job. Now I wish I had because I love it. Un thus I am a full-fledged nerd!


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