Forgotten phone, busy days and chicken feed


Forgotten phone, busy days and chicken feed

Saturday got off to an interesting start. As part of the kids’ Christmas, we purchased a joint membership to the Kentucky Science Center and Louisville Zoo. Several weeks ago, I signed up for a breakfast event for members at the science center. Around five ‘til eight Saturday, I pulled out the confirmation email to confirm we needed be there at nine. “The event begins at 8 a.m.,” I read in disbelief.

“Kids, we gotta go NOW!” I yelled as I scrambled to get my stuff – which included a change of clothes for the kids since the new water table would be open. We were about halfway to New Salisbury when I realized I’d forgotten my phone. These days, that’s about equal to forgetting an appendage. I needed that phone because, in between the three events we had that day, I had to meet with Scott Ratts to get pictures of the city police officers for the law enforcement appreciation pages we ran Tuesday. He was to call me around noon.

I was definitely not feeling chipper as we hurried toward Louisville. I told the kids I didn’t know if we’d make it in time for the breakfast, but promised to take them out if we didn’t. They were in very sweet moods as they reassured me it was OK. We arrived just before 9 a.m. and, luckily, breakfast was still being served. We had missed the activity, but at least they wouldn’t go hungry.

Chris Cakes, a New Albany caterer, served. The company holds several Guiness World Records and has served four presidents. Pretty impressive! The chef was wearing a hat that made it appear a spatula had been rammed through his head. Sylvia and Warner spent quite a bit of time discussing whether it was real or fake. This guy didn’t just plop pancakes on plates, he served them with flair, flipping them up and challenging guests to catch them. Not surprisingly, the teen volunteer kept busy with her long-handled grabber, retrieving the ones that landed on the floor.

We sat at the front so the kids could enjoy the show and the beautiful view of the Ohio River. I noticed the garbage bag getting fuller and fuller of pancakes which missed their target. “Wonder what they’re going to do with those?” I asked the kids. “The chickens would love them.”

Yep, I approached a science center employee and asked. The chef said he was going to throw them in the river to the fish, but they were ours if we wanted them. I figured this was an easy way to score some points with my husband, who is a big fan of both his chickens and free stuff, so I said we’d take them. We left the science center later that morning, lugging a large black plastic bag with us.

We made it to Salem and I made contact with Scott, who brought the pictures over. The kids are big fans of “Mr. Scott” so they had fun visiting with him. When Hays turned 5, Scott came to town on his day off to take Hays and Warner in his police car to The Depot for their birthday party. Warner’s too young to remember, but Hays will never forget that!

With two items checked off our list, we headed to the airport to the benefit for Dennis and Carol Miller. The kids have always had fun with “Dentist” as they call him so they were excited. It was a great crowd and a beautiful day. We saw lots of people who hadn’t seen the kids in a couple years … where does time go? And Tim Maudlin had the kids’ T-shirts ready for them. Good thing because they were none to happy I had an airplane T-shirt and they didn’t.

Next, we headed for home to pick up Darin and go to a double birthday party in Corydon. The guests of honor are children of some friends. The little boy is named for his dad, so the kids call him “Little Dale.” And I don’t mean just when they’re talking about him. “Hey, Little Dale, wanna go swing?” I heard Warner ask. Too funny.

After the party, we headed home, but not before stopping by the library to return an overdue DVD. Darin was stunned to see the zombies circling the square and downtown area. “What are they doing?” he asked. I attempted to explain the Pokeman Go phenomenon as best I could. He just couldn’t believe it and had to drive around town twice to take it all in!

Like I said, it was an interesting Saturday!


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