Fall Break fun


It was a good fall break. Nothing fancy for the Ferriells, but having Darin home with us is extra special as he works third shift and works weekends. He and I both took a week off to spend with the kids.

We started out as we have for the past three years with the TTCA Fall Tournament at IUS. Hays loves Tae Kwon Do but he does not like tournaments, at least not the sparring part. He is now a purple belt stripe (two levels away from black belt) and he couldn’t have done better at the tournament, winning first place in both sparring and forms (combinations of certain moves).

The weather wasn’t the best last week, but we adjusted plans and spent some time shopping, which we hadn’t done in a while. We also had a new experience, one I’m glad we hadn’t had before. Two of the kids got lost in two different stores. We were at Bass Pro and while Darin tried on boots, the kids played hide and seek. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have allowed that. Warner hid a bit too well. We couldn’t find him, but within a few minutes we heard over the intercom: “Darin and Stephanie please come to customer service.”

A couple hours later (yes, the very same day) we were in Rural King. Sylvia became mesmerized by the sequined pillows and didn’t pay attention as we moved on. Once again, we were summoned over the intercom.

It was scary, but not nearly as terrifying as it would’ve been a few years ago. They both immediately went to customer service for help, exactly what they should have done. They also stuck pretty close by us the rest of the day.

Our week also included going to the movies to see the Lego Ninjago film. Sylvia wailed over that, not wanting to see a boy movie. It was funny and kept me laughing for the whole time.

Two trips to the zoo in one day rounded out our week. We visited Thursday and returned for the World’s Largest Halloween Party. Hays was a ghoul and Warner was a skeleton. Sylvia, however, stole the show. Dressed as an old granny, complete with gray hair and a cane, she got tons of comments! She was totally in character, too, which just made it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t follow in the footsteps of her cousin, Chad, who is studying acting.

We are so fortunate to have a small shelterhouse with a fireplace on our property, perfect for cookouts. We had the grandparents over a couple of times and enjoyed watching the sun set and stars come out as we sat around the fire.

The kids’ least favorite day was, no surprise, cleaning day. We tackled both the garage and the house. Despite grumbling, they really did pitch in.

It was a good week.


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