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If I haven’t seen you in the last month, then I have big news to share…Duane and I are getting a son-in-law. This exciting news just happens to come up in conversation with everyone I come in contact with…my apologies to those people.

But I am so excited. Alex and Paige have dated for about three years and they are two peas in a pod. Self-proclaimed nerds, they would rather go to the movies or play board games than hang out in a bar. As a mother, I appreciate the fact that they put me through little stress.

They met at Franklin College. Paige graduated in 2014 while Alex entered the real world this spring. He just started a new job (a fact that made his future father-in-law very happy) and they are settling into adulthood.

The proposal was quite out of the blue for Paige, which made it so extra special. But Alex had called Duane a couple days beforehand to ask for his blessing so I had to sit through an anguishing two days of not letting the cat out of the bag. Now I can keep a secret with the best of them but this news just about caused me to bust at the seams.

I was especially tested when the very night after Duane and Alex’s discussion I had a birthday dinner with some of my very best girlfriends. And I didn’t crack. Not even after being asked about an update on Paige and her life away from home. Luckily I only had one margarita that night.

The plans have been set in motion but we will have some time to get used to having another member added to the family as they are looking at late 2018 or even spring 2019 wedding date. Many have asked, why so far away? Well, as typical for Paige, she is a planner and they want to do things their way.

They are getting married in Indianapolis, with much more expensive venues but also with many more choices. Since the more popular places fill up fast, I think 2018 is a reasonable time frame that will allow them to choose wisely and then start making payments on their dream wedding.

The engagement has a “Dr. Who” theme already (check out BBC television for an explanation of this long-lived television show that has become trendy). Her engagement ring is a beautiful blue sapphire heart. The wedding bands, which he already has in his possession, are blue titanium. Her set is engraved with “through space and time…always.”

Alex is proving himself to be a real romantic at heart. I think Paige found a keeper.


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