First grade career day


Ashley Malloy's first grade class had career day Friday at Bradie Shrum Elementary School. Students have been learning about different occupations and their big question has been “What jobs need to be done in a community?”

"We had several different guest speakers come to our classroom, such as a police officer, firefighters, a nurse practitioner, a counselor and a chemist to get the kids excited and give them ideas about future occupations," said Malloy.

Friday the students were able to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.

"We had a variety of jobs that students dressed up as!" she said. "The students even made their own resumes for their job, which explained why they wanted that particular job. They did a wonderful job with it! Almost everyone in the class dressed up and everyone shared their resume in front of the class."

This week, BSE is celebrating College Go Week. Every day is a different dress up day revolving around students' favorite colleges.


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