An Eventful Wedding Weekend


The nice spring weather we have had in recent weeks has brought about many different events, so with that said, we have been super busy here lately. We had to get Oliver neutered last week. We wanted to be responsible pet owners, so it was time. We also wanted to make sure he had his shots up to date, especially after our recent scare when he escaped. It looks like Mellie will be next, as she found her way out just days after Oliver did. We don't leave doors open or anything, I promise! This time was really unexpected (not like the last time wasn't). She was able to get out through a small hole that we have behind our dryer. Alan went to take the trash out (ironically on the same day we were to get Oliver fixed) and Mellie was just sitting there in our yard. She wasn't starting a riot with another cat, the exact opposite of her brother's reaction to being out of the house. We were able to figure out exactly where Mellie got out, because Oliver was sitting next to the dryer. After his shenanigans the week prior, he didn't dare go back out! Long story short, we got Mellie back into the house and got Oliver ready to go to his appointment. All is good in the pet department.

This past weekend, we attended a wedding in Noblesville (just maybe 20 minutes north of Indianapolis). Both the bride and groom worked with Alan, but have since moved to other companies. Due to the drive time and the late night that we expected from the wedding reception, we decided to book a nearby hotel for Saturday night.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The food was great, we were seated with people who we were acquainted with and the music was actually very non-cliche (due to the bride's extended no-play list). There was even an open bar! I'll not go into detail about the direct correlation between long island iced teas and my husband dancing. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves and were very happy about our friends' marriage.

Before we went home, we decided to stop and see Alan's grandma and a few other family members. They used to live in Indianapolis, but recently moved out of town to a beautiful property about an hour west of Noblesville. Alan's aunt and uncle wanted to find a smaller house for his grandma Judy. She had a wonderful, spacious house for many years but was needing to downsize due to the amount of upkeep needed. They ended up buying a few acres in the country that included a large house for them and a pole barn finished as a condo (perfect size for one person).

This was the first time we had visited the new home and we brought back a lot of inspiration for our own. The house was decorated in blues, which gave the entire place a coastal theme. There was a sun room, which was absolutely beautiful, and a large master bedroom and bathroom. The pole barn was very convenient, with enough space for one person to live and for visitors to stay. Everything was easily within reach for Judy. The location of the home is wonderful. Both families previously lived right in Indianapolis and this home is settled in a rural area, but only five minutes from the interstate. They get the both of best worlds, but they agree they like country life now that they have experienced it.

We spent a couple hours with his family, then were ready to head back home. We had a great weekend, one that went by much more quickly than we imagined. We took home some interior decorating ideas, to be used in the future, and shared plenty of joy and laughs seeing our friends get married. It was nice to have a "good" eventful weekend rather than the "stressful" eventful ones we've had trying to get things done around and outside of the house. Every once in a while, a break can be a great thing.


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