William Denham, Democrat

William Denham


Washington County Sheriff

As someone who has lived and worked in this County for 49 years I have seen many changes in today society! A lot of the changes have been terrible. There has always been drugs and killings happening but nothing like it has been in the last 10-15 years.

I went through a lot last year with being diagnosed with Cancer to losing my Mom. It really put me on notice that if you want to get something done, you can’t keep putting it off till later.

I’m going to run for an elected office and I need you to Help me. 

Around age 22, 23 I got my first Supervisors job, then from there over the last 25 + years, I’ve been a Manager, Supervisor, Production Supervisor to running my own business. 

After completing surgery and treatments with everything looking good. 

I ask myself what I could be doing to help with Today problems.

Over my adult life I have been able to talk and relate to anyone, Man, Woman, Rich and poor, Black or white Married, divorced, Democrat or Republican, young and old. 

The jail just seems to be a Human cash atm, I don’t look at people as dollar signs, like it seems to happen in this day and age. I actually care for people and want them to succeed in life. if we can save one person, one Family, isn’t that what we should be doing as Human Beings. I totally understand you can’t save everyone and won’t but we could be doing so much more than what we have over the last 10-15 years.

We need more programs here for prevention, we need so many other things as well. Mental health is a serious problem that we must some how address. We need counslors and mentors as well as a place where someone can seek help, Using every resource we have access to. We need education and job training programs. 

I’m going to run for Sheriff of Washington County

To try and help solve a problem, we need a different perspective of whats going on and how to handle it. I’m not going to be out there kicking in doors but I will be out there knocking on doors! Talking to the lawyers, judges, prosecutors, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, Surrounding counties Sheriff, Jail staff, jail inmates and most of all the citizens of Washington county, families who have lost family. Families that have been torn apart from this epidemic. We the People can come together and fix this,there are more drugs than this out in todays society that are killing people and eventually it will reach our community as well.. 

The police can not stop the Heroin and Meth problem. But we as a community can do more to come together to help. 

We can spend Millions on a new jail, but can’t come up with money to do something that would help with the problem not just triple or quadruple capacity of what the Jail could hold!

Hiring career Police officers to be Sheriff in 2018 is not what we need right now. Over the last decade or longer, that is what we have done and look at where we are now! We need someone that can relate to everyone, Someone that people would be able to approach and feel comfortable too talk about Problems and Solutions. That is Why I’m asking for your vote in 2018 Election. If I can win the Democratic nomination for Sheriff, we can win this office back for the People and try and do more to solve issues with the help of everyone Republicans, Democrats, non voters,young and old, Everyone!

Thanks for your time and hopefully for your vote.


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