Tracey England, Republican

Tracey L. England


Washington County Sheriff

Community involvement: A proud life-long member of Mt. Tabor Christian Church, president of Washington County Habitat for Humanity, Member of the Salem Moose Lodge 2380, N.R.A. member, National Sheriff Association Member, C.S.O.P.A. member. I owned and operated Mission Recovery and Towing, M.R.T. Hauling and co-owned and operated Mission Transportation.

Statement about why you are the best candidate for this office: "Being born and raised in Washington County I have had many privileges in my life. I have witnessed humanity from our volunteers even those who have stayed anonymous all these years. I have seen many accomplishments from all walks of life. In my younger years of mischief I learned many lessons in showing people respect in order to receive respect. I learned who cared and who truly did not.

I was raised around many different types of people from all walks of life and many different careers and cherished all their stories and lessons they taught me. Farmers ended up being my favorite to listen to because they played such a versatile role in our communities and had to be good at all they done in order to make their farms work.

I can remember when the community stood by me as I laid my son to rest, those who come by to show me compassion and heartfelt sympathy. The care and kindness showed to me was very overwhelming and passionate.

As I make this run for sheriff of Washington County I will use my knowledge in micromanaging to safeguard our citizens from liabilities that can arise at any time in the daily actions from our department. I will turn the trust issues with our department into an opportunity for community outreach and transparency that works and includes all walks of life.

Together the sheriff’s department will be reaching out to our community and gain the trust necessary to end this disastrous drug epidemic plaguing our citizens' way of life. We will introduce programs that start a guaranteed anonymous path for citizens to notify law enforcement of possible activity going on in our communities without ever having to worry about their identity being exposed.

We will uphold the constitutional laws that made this country fair and equal. We will end all elite status influence in our law enforcement and ensure that no matter your name or financial status you will be equal.

My policies will help those incarcerated to be able to take advantage of a volunteer program that gives the tools necessary for people to change their behavior and improve their lives which will help our county. Those who are eligible to work will do so. Keeping busy and learning skills will only improve our community.

I will transform our old ways of doing things into a community effort, putting experience aside and opening minds to new ideas and giving the spotlight to those dedicated to our county. I will be holding open meetings to the public every six months ensuring the community is aware of all that we have succeeded in and also what has failed and needs changed.

We will no longer make excuses for failures, but instead find solutions to make sure it never happens again and be accountable without keeping important details out of view of the public.
We will transform the department into an information office as it should be. If we do not have the answers we will take every step necessary to find them.

No policy will increase the budget, but we will look for ways to reduce it instead. No longer will any business that wants to help the sheriff department be cast aside. I will not own or have no financial stake in any business so there will not be a conflict of interest that hurts our local businesses. We also will never ask any business to raise their bid so we can raise the budget.

I will be up front with the commissioners about the state of the department and make certain all wasteful spending is removed.

I will end the old retaliation in the department making the “code of silence” a thing of the past. Our officers and staff will know that they are to speak their mind when they believe something is wrong and unethical and will be required to do so.

I will ask the citizens to give these officers and staff what is needed to protect their lives in this extremely dangerous career. I will ask that the officers and staff be paid a reasonable wage for the dedication and service they perform when protecting and serving our community and upholding the oath.

We will protect all our schools, day cares and nursing homes in our county by making detailed plans for the staff and for our officers responding. Releasing these plans to the public will decrease the protection and would not be beneficial. We must get this done immediately and stay abreast of the new tactics that people are using across our country as copycats are our biggest threats.

I will ensure that the community is aware of all the latest threats and scams that target our citizens. We will work with agencies across our state and country to maintain a constant knowledge of the newest threats and make public awareness a top priority.

We will put programs in place to help failing youth become part of the community with all the support they need to make a difference before going down the wrong road. We will work with parents and schools to ensure we have done everything possible to give every child in Washington County a fair chance and a way to succeed in life.

We will secure the jail from all liabilities now and in the future by making sure we have a daily checklist followed by securing the building and cells multiple times a day.

We will give the citizens an end of the year report on all activities and programs in the jail and the number of repeat offenders and crimes charged so that the public can see what works and what does not.

I will employee no family members for any position in our jail and will never push aside applications from other citizens to do so.

As sheriff I will never let any office dictate the decisions of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. We will hold all accountable seeking to fraud or harm our citizens and there will be no exceptions.

As sheriff there is an obligation and opportunity to serve the greatest county in Indiana. I will hold that responsibility top priority in my duties to serve the citizens and their families. I will always make time for any citizen that has needs from the department without judgement. Everyone has made mistakes in their life and is allowed to be heard without criticism; I will be reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the citizens, staff and inmates. Having full open communications will safeguard our community.

I’m very humbled by the support I am seeing in this change wanted and needed in our community. I believe in influence over authority and setting the example. Anyone interested in seeing all my statements can visit my Facebook page. I would like to thank you for your consideration to be part of a new change in our community and a sheriff that can see the county as ours and not mine."


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