Salem woman arrested for trespass, battery

Staff Writer Kate Wehlann

On Friday, Oct. 12, Miranda Palmer called the Washington County Sheriff’s Department to report a battery.

She told Deputy Matt Hein she lives with her boyfriend, Ethan Jeffries, on North Cox Ferry Road in Campbellsburg. Palmer said Jeffries’ ex-girlfriend, Chancla Hobson, 28, Salem, had come to the home uninvited, proceded inside and started a verbal fight with her that became physical. Palmer said Hobson was no longer there and she didn’t know where Hobson had gone.

Hein went to the home and spoke with Palmer and Jeffries. Jeffries said he had left to take a tractor to a friend’s house when Hobson pulled into the driveway. He told Hobson she wasn’t allowed on the property and needed to leave, so she got back in the vehicle and left, traveling south on Cox Ferry Road. As Jeffries continued on his way, he passed Hobson again as she was traveling back toward his home. While he was at his friend’s house, he got a call from Palmer, telling him to come home because Hobson had come and fought with her.

Jeffries told Hein as he was leaving his friend’s home, Hobson pulled into the driveway and got out of her vehicle, screaming at him and pushing him. He said Hobson’s young daughter got out of Hobson’s vehicle and ran up to him, crying and screaming for him to “Make Mommy stop!” Jeffries said he picked the child up and tried to shield her from Hobson as best he could until Hobson got back in the vehicle and left with the child. Jeffries then left to check on Palmer.

Palmer said she was in the house when Hobson drove into the driveway and knocked on the door and asked if her daughter could use the bathroom. Palmer said the child was allowed in, but Hobson had to stay outside. She said Hobson came in anyway and started a verbal altercation, calling her names and telling her she wanted to be back in a relationship with Jeffires. Palmer said she argued with Hobson and told her to leave, but Hobson would not. Hobson told her daughter to go back outside and wait in the car. Palmer said the argument continued and grew more and more heated until Hobson grabbed Palmer’s arms. Palmer said she broke away from her and told her not to touch her again, but Hobson continued screaming and began punching her in the face. Palmer said she grabbed Hobson, put her in a headlock and tackled her to the floor, where Hobson bit her and continued screaming until Hobson’s daughter opened the door and came back inside. Palmer said when she saw Hobson’s daughter, she let go of Hobson, who took the child, got in her vehicle and left.

Hein said in his report he saw red marks and scratches on Palmer’s face, arms and shoulders and was also able to see a bite mark near Palmer’s left armpit area. He also recovered a pair of prescription eyeglasses from the living room floor and Palmer and Jeffries said the glasses belonged to Hobson.

Deputies Paul Ginkins located Hobson at a home on Arthur Street in Salem. Hobson admitted to having been in the driveway, but denied entering the home or fighting with Palmer. Ginkins asked her about the glasses and she said she didn’t know where they were. Ginkins told her her glasses had been found at Palmer and Jeffries’ residence. Hobson said she wanted to speak with an attorney before answering any other questions about the incident.

Hobson was later arrested on Nov. 7, and charged with one count of criminal trespass and one count of battery resulting in bodily injury.

This is not Hobson’s first arrest. Court records indicate another incident of battery in 2011 in Clark County, domestic battery committed in the presence of a child younger than 16 with a prior in 2012 and an invasion of privacy charge that same year, a conversion charge in 2013 in Floyd County, check deceoption in 2014 in Washington County, forgery with intent to defraud in 2016 in Washington County, and escape in 2017 in Washington County, among various other traffic violations.


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