#FurryFriendFriday pets

Pero, Cricket, Fostino and Torben are all ready to go home with you!


• "Gertie" is a 2-3-year-old basset mix, about 45 pounds, low to ground like a basset hound. She's currently in foster care, living in a house with multiple dogs. She's not really a player but is right there with all the others. Not sure about cats. Seems to be housebroken. If you would like an application, please email dragondog.dc@gmail.com. Likes: hosting magnificent garden parties, sniffing things, rollicking comedies featuring Will Ferrell. Dislikes: cleaning up after magnificent garden parties, when things sniff back, poverty.

• "Walker" is a male terrier mix, 2. Surrendered by his owner for chasing cattle. Not sure what a 25-pound dog thinks he is going to do with a cow if he catches it, but apparently he has a plan. Likes: making friends with the giant field dogs, grass-fed beef, the blissful ignorance that his giant field dog friends are grass-fed beef. Dislikes: hooves, gates/fences, the taste of grass (the giant field dogs said it was good and they were wrong).

• "Cornelius" is a 2-year-old beagle mix. He was found running down the highway. Likes: reading up on Greek mythology, succulents, owls. Dislikes: pine cones (look like toy, are not; they're lies), trucks that poof out those big clouds of nasty, black diesel smoke (Who are you trying to impress? You're buying groceries and there isn't a speck of dirt on the truck — that's no farm truck), ska music.

• "Briita" is a 6-month-old pit mix, tan, cute with a short, little tail, about 35 pounds. She seems unsure how to play with other dogs but thinks she can get the hang of that quickly. Likes: making friends, romping, daydreraming. Dislikes: the idea and practice of celery, being told 'no,' ants.

• "Thunder" is a 4-year-old boxer mix, about 50 pounds. Surrendered because his family could not longer take care of him. Likes: all the "Thor" movies, room for zoomies, pineapple. Dislikes: storms, irony, mushrooms.

• "Paul Bunyon" is a black and white, male Lab mix. Likes: brussels sprouts, fine Swiss timepieces, snagging all the deals at TJ Maxx. Dislikes: getting music stuck in his head, mulch, when the sensors in his car go out and keep telling him his tire pressure is low.

• "Andre" is a white and tan, male pit mix. Likes: bagels, ballroom dancing, his truck. Dislikes: Broadway soundtracks, disco balls, paper straws.

• "Scrappy" is a male, setter mix, 5 years old, about 55 pounds, surrendered when his owner died. Doesn't like kids, but is OK with dogs and ignored cats in a cage. Likes: the color green, apples, French literature. Dislikes: thimbles, goldfish, people shorter than five feet tall.

• "Molly" is a female, pit/Brittney spaniel mix, 1-2 years old, about 40 pounds. A woman gave Molly to her mother when she had to move into an apartment. The mother had an older, smaller dog. Molly is young and loves to play and she was afraid her dog might get injured by Molly. Molly is currently in foster care. If you would like an application, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: pouncing, rolling, rolicking. Dislikes: stillness, restriction, those "Live, Laugh, Love" signs (I mean, come on …).

• “Miss Bear” is an Aussie mix, 5 years old, spayed. Probably best as an only child, needs physical fencing as she chases cars, door darter, but good with kids. Acts like a true border collie; always looking for something to herd. Stalks cats; not sure if she would harm them and it may be related to her prey drive. She wants to be the top dog, so she needs to be with an experienced dog owner who knows how to work with her or as an only dog. If you would like an application for adoption, please email dragondog.dc@gmail.com. Likes: freedom, wide-open spaces, catching cars. Dislikes: the conundrum of what to do with a car once she’s caught it, lack of anyone paying attention to her for the slightest moment, the smell of fish.

• "Arturo" is a male pit, 2, about 50 pounds and housebroken. Likes: chilling on the couch watching Food Network ("Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" is his favorite), listening to online radio, those carrot fries he found on Pinterest. Dislikes: soggy carrot fries, when people don't follow the instructions on a recipe and complain it didn't work, patchy internet.

• "Archie" is a 1-2-year-old Walker coonhound mix. Not a typical walker hound — has a nice, soft, thick coat. He has been around kids and dogs without issue. Surrendered for killing a cat. He is mostly housebroken, but does still have an accident occasionally if left too long. Likes: reading the comics in the newspaper, licking things, pancakes. Dislikes: cats, existential dread combined with the unstoppable passage of time, pollen.

• "Fostino" is a 4 1/2-year-old male wire-haired fox terrier mix, about 25-30 pounds. Surrendered when his family moved. He's good with kids, OK with dogs and hasn't been around cats. Likes: pretzels (crunchy and soft), animal-themed knickknacks, dramatic comedies. Dislikes: when his collar shifts and his tags are stuck on the back of his neck, baths, car rides with no open windows.

• "Gordon" is a male, tan and white pit bull, about 50 pounds. Came into the shelter as a stray. Likes: beef wellington, rampant profanity, fine dining. Dislikes: undercooked chicken, overcooked waffles, propriety.

• "Pero" is a male Lab mix, black, about 50 pounds. Came in as a stray. Likes: frolicking, bluegrass music, Pringles. Dislikes: people making dogs wear hats, people making dogs wear Halloween costumes, oatmeal raisin cookies when he thought they were chocolate chip.


• "Torben" is a male, orange tabby cat. Likes: boxes, competitive curtain climbing, unattended spaghetti. Dislikes: sticky stuff, staticky stuff, wet stuff.

• "Liron" is a middle-aged male, long-haired orange tabby cat. Very social. Likes: tending the houseplants, conversations in the sun, finger sandwiches. Dislikes: when the houseplants are where he wants to sit, when the tuna smells too fishy, a shoddy internet connection.

• "Cricket" is a 7-month-old tiger cat. Likes: sparkly things, some of that good nip, jingle bells. Dislikes: surprises, unexpected water, limitations.

Adoption fees include rabies shot and normal cost of spay and neuter. Adoption cost for dogs is $80 and $50 for cats. The return-to-owner fee is $10, plus a $2 per-day board fee and proof of rabies shot or another $10.

Shelter hours are Tuesday through Friday, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Closed on Sunday, Monday and holidays. Contact Salem Animal Control or the Salem Shelter at 812-883-3673 or Washington County Animal Control at 812-883-5999.


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