#FurryFriendFriday pets

Scorpio, Reyes, Wix and Callie are all waiting for you at the shelter!


• “Mhera” is a 3- or 4-year-old, female shepherd mix who’s not great with young children and has no interest in other dogs, but she does know how to sit and beg and walks well on a leash. If you would like an application for this lovely lady, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: alone time, nature documentaries, when things go her way. Dislikes: goldfinches, artificial sweeteners, people on Facebook who can’t make a post without mentioning the essential oils/dietary supplements/acne creams they sell on the side.

• “Reese” is a female Lab mix, 1 year, about 45 pounds. Shelter staff say she could use some obedience training. “Instead of putting in the time and effort to help a young dog, they brought her to the shelter. Owner said she is hyper and a runner. Sweet girl. A little time and training and she will be a great dog.” Likes: room to run and play, learning new skills, antiquing. Dislikes: long lines, when couponers take all the sale items leaving none for people who only want one or two bottles of shampoo (then sell them on local for-sale Facebook pages), broccoli.

• “Rocky” is a male, boxer mix, about 1 year old, around 50 pounds right now, but needs to fill out a bit more. Likes: Really tough chew bones in red or blue, but not green, apple cores, rolling in blankets until he’s a burrito. Dislikes: caramel sauce (sticky), hip hop music, being picked up off the ground.

• “Finchley” (AKA Bentley) is a red tick-heeler mix, about 50 pounds. Likes: African violets, corn chips, frolicking. Dislikes: angry parrots, carrots, shouty commercials.

• "Ellis" is a female heeler mix, 1, needs a job. She's a working breed with a lot of energy. Shelter staff say she will be great dog when she has a way to get some exercise and burn off that energy, so she's not a dog for someone who does not have an active lifestyle. Likes: bounding, doing leaf pile cannonballs, sheep. Dislikes: boredom, small spaces, Heath bars.

• "Otto" is a black and white, young adult pit mix, found chasing cars on 135. Likes: cars, trains, planes. Dislikes: buses, boats, bicycles.

• "Helle" is a black Lab mix, about a year old, around 40 pounds, submissive to other dogs and good with kids. Likes: Greek food (except olives), bounding on green, grassy hills, napping in the sun. Dislikes: stairs, social media (except Instagram), the color fuschia.

• "Sasha" is a 6-year-old female Australian shepherd mix, underweight at 25 pounds. She was surrendered with other dogs after her owner died. Her coat is in really bad shape because of demodectic mange (not contagious). She needs medicine for a couple of weeks and her hair will be back in again. She's gentle and good with other dogs. Likes: that gummy shark candy (shouldn't have it, doesn't stop her), order and organization, binge-watching The Office. Dislikes: bugs/insects (even the pretty ones), Post-Its, snacks that look like bacon but are not bacon.

• "Callie" is a 2-year-old female husky-shepherd mix, very underweight at 30 pounds, but she's getting enough food now and should be healthy soon. Surrendered when her owner died. Likes: squirrels in general, dancing, Christmas lights. Dislikes: squirrels in her yard, loud noises, hand sanitizer.

• “Astoria” is a Lab-terrier mix, about 3 years old, around 35 pounds. No dog issues. Social and quiet. Likes: pasta, foreign films, country music. Dislikes: Roombas, lint, bobby pins.

• “Miss Bear” is an Aussie mix, 5 years old, spayed. Probably best as an only child, needs physical fencing as she chases cars, door darter, but good with kids and cats. Likes: freedom, wide-open spaces, catching cars. Dislikes: the conundrum of what to do with a car once she’s caught it, lack of anyone paying attention to her for the slightest moment, the smell of fish.

• "Ardelle" is a middle-aged female Mastiff, very skinny for now, brought in as a stray. She looks like she's had several litters of puppies. She seems to be feeling better since coming to the shelter and is coming up to the door of her kennel and wagging her tail. Heartworm negative. Likes: Easy and affordable access to birth control, sturdy Tupperware containers, fuzzy blankets. Dislikes: overly chipper Twitter feeds, when people blame her instead of the economy and cost of living for not being able to afford travel, when phone games force ads on you that shut down your music apps.

• "Ferguson" is a male Lab mix, about 45 pounds, very social and eager to please. Likes: sci-fi themed speed dating, pretending to be an otter in the lake but he's actually in the bathtub, bratwursts. Dislikes: the rampant comercialism of the holidays, frogs, dog shoes/mittens.

• "Rosco" is a male beagle-terrier mix, 2-3 years old, about 40 pounds. Loves to play and is good with other dogs. Likes: chewy toys, plushy toys, toys that belong to others. Dislikes: when playtime is over, footie pajamas, overcooked pasta.

• "Anso" is a 1-year-old Lab mix, a sweet boy with gorgeous, soft eyes. Good with other dogs. Likes: fresh green beans, romping, popsicles. Dislikes: celery, organized religion, sidewalk salt.

• “Chance” is a male beagle mix, about 2 years old, about 35 pounds. He showed up at someone’s house, but their dogs didn’t like him, so they brought him to the shelter for a shot at a home where everyone did like him. Still, he doesn’t seem to have problems with other dogs. Likes: romping, making friends, those little pumpkins the size of baseballs. Dislike: angry, barky dogs, squirrels in his yard, the rise of social media.

• "Frank" is a male Lab mix, 45 to 50 pounds. Came in as a stray, OK with other dogs. Likes: warm soup, chese cubes, naps on the couch. Dislikes: public speaking, straw hats, soggy grilled cheese.

• "Reyes" is a chihuahua mix, about 10 pounds, surrendered when their owner died. Very scared at the shelter right now; just needs a little time to settle down. Likes: soft spots on the couch, spangly hats and vests, sniffing Christmas cookies. Dislikes: anything in knit, being picked up without permission, not being picked up when they've been asking repeatedly.

• "Rico" is a boxer-hound mix, about 50 pounds. Outgoing personality of a hound and very social. He's OK with other dogs and his previous owner said he's been around smaller dogs in the past. Likes: bodies of water (oceans, lakes, ponds, streams, creaks, your glass of water you left out within tongue's reach), beef jerky, ska bands. Dislikes: sand, canned tuna, people who think "cups" are an instrument.

• "Nova" is a pit mix. She lost her leg either due to a trap or it being shot off, but she gets around just fine on three. She's social with people and other dogs and is currently in foster care, but just wants a forever home. For an application to adopt her, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: scampering, long rambles through the woods, wiggling. Dislikes: inhumane traps, mint anything, mushrooms.


• “Yum Yum” is an orange male cat, 6 years old, neutered, well fed, cool with dogs. Likes: boxes, finding an extra piece of kibble behind his bowl, being adopted. Dislikes: having to actually climb into the boxes, when he can see the bottom of his bowl through the food (he’s about to starve), static electricity.

• “Fisk" is a striped kitten with a white chest and socks. Likes: riding the roomba, graham crackers, dipping her paw into her water bowl and drinking water drip by drip from her toes. Dislikes: pumpkins, when people buy them knicknacks, dry erase markers.

• "Athos, Porthos and Aramis" are three kittens — two stripey brown, one black — one of whom is very ready to get out of the shelter. Like: TV quiz shows, Dancing With the Stars, selling cheap jewelry on eBay. Dislike: envelopes that aren't self-adhesive, offensive people, duels.

• “Wix” is a gray tiger kitten. Not angry, just disappointed. Likes: reading classical literature, detailed embroidery, heavy metal music. Dislikes: celebrity gossip, quilts too heavy for the weather, glitter.

• "Scorpio" is a male cat, about 6 months. Likes: exterminating the little red dot, reading about a giant red dog, batting at medium-sized red baloons. Dislikes: accidentally popping the medium-sized red balloons, spaghetti with store-bought sauce from a jar, mushrooms.

• "Kostas" is a male, gray, long-haired kitten, 4-5 months. Kind of looks like a dustbunny with an intense gaze. Likes: pouncing, zooming through the house at 2 a.m. for no reason whatsoever, hunting down the finest of boxes. Dislikes: when his box ends up in the recycling bin without his permission, getting his whiskers wet, having to wait for his Amazon order.

Adoption fees include rabies shot and normal cost of spay and neuter. Adoption cost for dogs is $80 and $50 for cats. The return-to-owner fee is $10, plus a $2 per-day board fee and proof of rabies shot or another $10.

Shelter hours are Tuesday through Friday, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Closed on Sunday and holidays. Contact Salem Animal Control or the Salem Shelter at 812-883-3673 or Washington County Animal Control at 812-883-5999.


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