#FurryFriendFriday pets

A cat with a bell on their collar, Diva, Pip and Shelby are all waiting for you at the shelter!


• "The Legion" is a litter of pug-terrier mix puppies, about 5 months old. There's three boys and a girl, all with cute underbites and at least two of them smile. They're smaller-boned and are around 20 pounds right now and could get between 30 and 35 pounds by the time they're fully grown. For an application to adopt one of The Legion, email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Like: romping, tumbling, watching televised tennis. Dislike: totalitarian dictatorships, hard-boiled egg yolks, low-carb bread.

• "The Trix" is a female terrier mix, between 1 and 2 years old, about 25 pounds. Likes: reading the newspaper, scratching out articles she wants to keep, a nice fruit juice. Dislikes: When she rips the article down the middle on accident while trying to save it, that little red dot, spoons.

• "Rose" is a heeler mix, about 40 pounds. She showed up at someone's house and killed a chicken. This drove a wedge between Rose and these people and ended up in the shelter. Likes: living in the country, buying decorations made out of burlap, watching racing on TV. Dislikes: cows in any form but grilled, when people show up at a restaurant and order food three minutes before the restaurant is supposed to close, rust.

• “Mhera” is a 3- or 4-year-old, female shepherd mix who’s not great with young children and has no interest in other dogs, but she does know how to sit and beg and walks well on a leash. If you would like an application for this lovely lady, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: alone time, nature documentaries, when things go her way. Dislikes: goldfinches, artificial sweeteners, people on Facebook who can’t make a post without mentioning the essential oils/dietary supplements/acne creams they sell on the side.

• "Reese" is a female Lab mix, 1 year, about 45 pounds. Shelter staff say she could use some obedience training. "Instead of putting in the time and effort to help a young dog, they brought her to the shelter. Owner said she is hyper and a runner. Sweet girl. A little time and training and she will be a great dog." Likes: room to run and play, learning new skills, antiquing. Dislikes: long lines, when couponers take all the sale items leaving none for people who only want one or two bottles of shampoo (then sell them on local for-sale Facebook pages), broccoli.

• "Shelby" is a female puppy, about 40 pounds, less than a year. She was surrendered for chewing, but as that's puppy behavior, good training should help her learn better ways to play. Likes: really sturdy toys, dragging her bed to the living room for movie nights, romping. Dislikes: man buns, being told "no" with a stern voice, being given up on.

• "Rocky" is a male, boxer mix, about 1 year old, around 50 pounds right now, but needs to fill out a bit more. Likes: Really tough chew bones in red or blue, but not green, apple cores, rolling in blankets until he's a burrito. Dislikes: caramel sauce (sticky), hip hop music, being picked up off the ground.

• "Carolina" is a female Lab mix, black, about a year old, may be best as an only dog, but the shelter is continuing to evaluate her. Likes: good spicy barbecue, banana pudding, chilling on the beach. Dislikes: rudeness, lumpy biscuits (she'll eat them, but she'll be disappointed), rain right after she got her hair done.

• "Diva" is now heartworm free! She's about 3 years old and a pit bull mix. Rescue only. She hasn't had a great life and was apparently chained up at some point. She had wounds on her leg and foot from a chain being wrapped around her back leg and digging in. She is calm and quiet and good with other dogs. About 40 pounds. Likes: space to wander alone with her thoughts, someone to snuggle with, ice cream (no chocolate, please). Dislikes: chains, her lack of access to responsible heartworm prevention, email scams.

• "Finchley" (AKA Bentley) is a red tick-heeler mix, about 50 pounds. Likes: African violets, corn chips, frolicking. Dislikes: angry parrots, carrots, shouty commercials.

• "Reuban" (AKA "Buddy") is a male boxer mix, brindle and white, 2-3 years old, about 50 pounds. He always looks so worried; perhaps he was concerned he might not ever get moved into a foster home. His luck has changed. He is now in foster care and is much happier and outgoing now. If you would like an application for Reuban/Buddy, email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: quiet days at the lake, chasing bubbles, watching TV shows about cars. Dislikes: bad cable connections, the beeping from the microwave (food shouldn't have to make that noise), celebrity gossip on the news.

• "Francesca" is a heeler-terrier mix, 1 year, about 40 pounds. Likes: comedians who yell everything, over-grilled chicken, those rye croutons. Dislikes: fortune cookies, raisins, spiders.

• "Millie" is a female, chocolate Lab-pit mix, about 1 year old, about 35 pounds. She hasn't been taken care of very well. Her ears have very little hair and she has scabs on both ears. Nonetheless, she gets along fine with other dogs and is a pretty happy girl. She's currently in foster care, so if you would like an application, please email rockhaven83@gmail.com. Likes: regular flea, tick and heartworm treatments, when the people leave so she can flip her pillows around pretending she's a juggler in the circus, when she gets the pillows tidied up and she's where she's supposed to be before the humans get home. Dislikes: pineapples in general, ostriches, sad music.

• "Chase/Clark" is a shepherd-retriever mix, about 40 pounds, with a beautiful coat and beautiful eyes. Heartworm positive. Likes: organization, weeding, watching DIY videos on YouTube. Dislikes: not being able to complete the projects on the DIY videos, getting dirty, when people litter.

• "Astoria" is a black Lab, about 3 years old, a bit uncertain at the shelter. Likes: pasta, foreign films, country music. Dislikes: Roombas, lint, bobby pins.

• "Miss Bear" is an Aussie mix, 5 years old, spayed. Probably best as an only child, needs physical fencing as she chases cars, door darter, but good with kids and cats. Likes: freedom, wide-open spaces, catching cars. Dislikes: the conundrum of what to do with a car once she's caught it, lack of anyone paying attention to her for the slightest moment, the smell of fish.

• "Anderson" is a middle-aged Akita mix. Likes: gardening, afternoons of ESPN, wearing socks with sandals. Dislikes: loud noises he doesn't make, cups on the furniture without coasters, when someone touches his thermostat.

• "Chance" is a male beagle mix, about 2 years old, about 35 pounds. He showed up at someone's house, but their dogs didn't like him, so they brought him to the shelter for a shot at a home where everyone did like him. Still, he doesn't seem to have problems with other dogs. Likes: romping, making friends, those little pumpkins the size of baseballs. Dislike: angry, barky dogs, squirrels in his yard, the rise of social media.

• "Adelaide" is a female Catahoula mix, about a year old and 30 pounds. She's leggy and hasn't filled out yet. Likes: marathoning Disney Channel Original Halloween movies, playing in the creek, extreme gardening. Dislikes: fencing she can't see through, African violets, when she gets hair in her water bowl.

• "Rufus" is a black Lab, between 4 and 6 years old, around 65 pounds, who spent the first years of his life on a chain. He's not as confident as other dogs and may not have had much interaction with other dogs. Likes: interior decorating, finger (paw?) painting,  Dislikes: chains, being alone, being in a crowd.


• "Yum Yum" is an orange male cat, 6 years old, neutered, well fed, cool with dogs. Likes: boxes, finding an extra piece of kibble behind his bowl, being adopted. Dislikes: having to actually climb into the boxes, when he can see the bottom of his bowl through the food (he's about to starve), static electricity.

• An orange and white cat was turned in to the shelter wearing a collar with a bell. Ordinarily we name the pets who aren't listed with names, but as there's a good chance this cat belongs to someone, we don't want to mislead anyone.

• "Mrs. Flufflesworth" is a female cat with beautiful green eyes and dark brown markings. Likes: chasing the red dot, having to be out among the rabble, carbonated beverages. Dislikes: lint, that one guy who compared her to Chewbacca, squash.

• "Zuri" is a black kitten. Likes: pretending to be a panther, Ritz crackers, watching "The Aristocrats." Dislikes: poorly made local commercials, alfalfa, getting their claw stuck on carpet.

• "Meowulf" is a long-haired tannish-orange kitten, male. Likes: canned meat, grilled meat, roasted meat. Dislikes: when someone else forgets to get that lint strip out of the dryer before leaving, steak well-done (you MONSTERS!), walking under some bushes and and having water drip down onto his back.

• "Baghera" is a black cat. Likes: when people refer to them as a house panther, watching fish in tanks (or out of tanks, or in their food bowl — they're not picky), playing extreme BINGO. Dislikes: Halloween, ladders, being dressed in any clothing of any kind beyond a collar.

• "Fizzywickett" is a young adult cat, beautiful. Likes: Chicken nuggets, lightly fried fish fillets, evenings at the symphony. Dislikes: anyone who makes fun of her name, anyone who forgets the second "T" in her name, when people clap between movements at the symphony.

• "Beelzebub" is a long-haired white kitten, about 8 weeks old. Likes: torturing the damned, tending their sulphur pits, playing with brimstone. Dislikes: harp music, lint, feathers.

• "Flit" is a gray tiger teenager. Likes: the crumbs of chips at the bottom of the bag (more seasonings, less plain potato flavor), a nice swordfish steak, cotton balls. Dislikes: mirrors (they're a portal to another world and one that's surely unsettling), dolls, celery.

• "Mischief" is a black and white kitten. Likes: discord, chaos, meatloaf. Dislikes: sparkling water, poorly mixed pudding mix, sand.

• "Gayne" is a gray kitten, 4 months. Likes: Being the boss, complex mathematics, the half-built rocket ship they're currently working on in your garage. Dislikes: getting dirty, when engineers won't take them seriously because they're a cat, lasers.

• "Pip" is a long-haired gray and white kitten, about 8 weeks. Looks like a soulful-eyed dust bunny. Likes: the color pink, being a cat, their own magnificent hair. Dislikes: vaccums, sneaky pickles, getting water on their face while getting a drink.

• "Chip" is a black and white cat. Likes: purring, cuddles, greeting cards with sparkles on them. Dislikes: lukewarm water, cold French fries, facism.

• "Wix" is a gray tiger kitten. Likes: reading classical literature, detailed embroidery, heavy metal music. Dislikes: celebrity gossip, quilts too heavy for the weather, glitter.

• "Professor Vividworth" is a calico cat. Likes: medieval poetry, anything by Edgar Allen Poe, purring. Dislikes: bowtie pasta, when people disagree with her on Twitter, podcasts that have long introduction songs.

• "Lily" is a male tiger cat (yes, male), wo was brought to the shelter because his human could no longer care for him. He's very sweet and loving and is ready for a new home. Likes: classic rock, shiny rocks, rocking with you in a rocking chair. Dislikes: the overall passage of time, Cheez-Its, rap music.

Adoption fees include rabies shot and normal cost of spay and neuter. Adoption cost for dogs is $80 and $50 for cats. The return-to-owner fee is $10, plus a $2 per-day board fee and proof of rabies shot or another $10.

Shelter hours are Monday through Friday, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Closed on Sunday and holidays. Contact Salem Animal Control or the Salem Shelter at 812-883-3673 or Washington County Animal Control at 812-883-5999.


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