Memorial Day poems from BSE writing club


A day where we can say thanks to those who have

fought to keep us safe and to have freedom.

A day where we can remember

those have fallen for us the battlefield.

A day where we can say thanks

for all they have done.

Austin Ward

Room 408



People who died for us.

Always will fight for us.

True leaders.

In memory forever.

One life to serve.

Trust in them, count on them.

Jenna Hollen

Room 408



It is about the soldiers who have fallen

Some were named Collin

All were very kind

Some were hard to find

The war was not fun or nice

Some soldiers had lice

The war was not fun

We were glad when it was done

They served their country well

Then they proved they would

Christian Henry

Room 408






Memorial Day

Memorial Day is honor the people, who fought.

They fought for us and their families.

Memorial Day.

Erica Worley

4th - Mrs. Collins


Memorial Day

Memorial Day

What a wonderful day.

To honor the military men!

And the military women!

What a wonderful day.

Memorial day!

Brynan Bartron

4th - Mrs. Collins


Memorial Day


Ending of the war celebration


Once a year

Remembering family in war


Appreciating those who gave their life

Loved ones' graves

Decoration Day


You should be grateful.

Joselyn Ewing

4th - Mrs. Collins








Memorial Day

National, Amazing

Serving, Caring, Protecting

American's appreciate our soldiers.

Giving, Praying, Appreciating

Marvelous, special

National Day

Brynleigh Reed

4th - Mrs. Collins


Memorial Day

They fight just to fall,

Risking their life just to save us.

Fighting for everyone else, putting us first.

They have extraordinary jobs

That we are so thankful for.

For any soldier who has died,

We are so grateful and glad

We can celebrate Memorial Day.

Anna Hobbs

5th - Calloway


Memory of the forgotten, but they are not always forgotten,

Extraordinary people that help us with our country

Magnificent things that they do.  They fight for us

On this day we celebrate the dead

Realize that we are free because the people that fought for us.

In memory of the fallen soldiers

All of the soldiers will be remembered!

Loved forever!

Decoration Day for the soldiers living or dead

Amazing people that went to war for us!!!!!

You will be HAPPY soldiers!!!

McKenzie Voelz

5th - Calloway




Memorial Day

Our military

Who fought and risked their life

That gave their life to help us

We will remember them

They helped us get the freedom we have now

And for the stuff they did

They gave us the rights we have today

We remember them

On this special day

And that day is Memorial day!

Haylea Cheatham

Room 503


To Those who Have fallen

I write for those who have fallen

As we fall in


Even though we weep

They will be with us

Even in our sleep

So I wish they would return,

Even I yearn.

They fought with all their might

It's time for us

To join the fight!

Noah Naugle

5th - Calloway


Memorial Day,

A time to remember who fought for us.

Memorial Day,

Remember our ancestors who died in war.

Memorial Day,

A time to have a great time to remember your family.

Memorial Day,

Remember you are free.

Memorial Day,

Know you were fought for.

Seth Ponsford

Room 503


The special day

Our military

Who fought and died

For their time

We will remember

For the stuff that they did

We remember them

On Memorial Day

They gave us rights

And fought for our freedom

To make this country our own

We remember them

On this special day

And that day

Is Memorial day!

Braden Miller

Room 503


Memorial Day

M is for memories

E is for extraordinary

M is for meaningful

O is for outdoor heroes

R is for rescue

I is for in honor

A is for amazing

L is for lots of love

Day is for dazzling

A is for America

Y is for you

Hunter Rutherford

Room 503



Memorial Day

American, Thankful

Sacrificing, Celebrating, Remembering

A day to celebrate the ones we've lost,

Thanking, Praying, Caring

Wonderful, Magnificent

Decoration Day

Aynslie Cockerill

Room 507


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is to remember the fallen

and respect the soldiers that are alive today.

Memorial Day is remember what the soldiers

have done for us.

Thank you

Nathaniel Henry

Room 507


Memorial Day

Courageous, Thoughtful

Caring, Remembering, Protecting

You gave us freedom

Decorating, Celebrating, Honoring

Supportive, Proud

Decoration Day.

Caitlyn Coons

Room 507


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated for veterans who died

Each year we celebrate it.

Many people died to give us freedom.

Our veterans fought for freedom and honor.

Rivals threaten us tried to kill us but we fought back.

I am so thankful.

After a war there was another after another.

Let us have freedom or we'll fight to the death.

Die or give us freedom we said.

A war was cruel, brutal, hard but we did not give.

Years past, finally peace and freedom, I am thankful.

Kaden Cissell

Room 507



People have picnics

America is the United States

Thankful for soldiers

Really good day to honor soldiers

I like Memorial Day

Occasion to honor soldiers

Thoughtful time

Zoey Moore

Room 305 - Bundy


Memorial Day

Proud, Courageous

March, Protect, Care

I am proud of America.

Decorate, Celebrate, Appreciate

National, Thankful

Decoration Day

Livia Wagner

Room 305 - Bundy



Protection for all

American Soldiers

Thoughts from many

Remember them

I'm proud to be an American

Our land is beautiful 

Thanks soldiers!

Jayden Montgomery

Room 305 - Bundy


Memorial Day

Military People

Every citizen is thankful


Outdoor picnics

Really thankful

I am proud

American holiday

Love our country

Decoration Day

A good day

Yeah!  We Honor them

Ethan Campbell

Room 305 - Bundy


Memorial Day

Festive, amazing

Planting, crying, remembering

A very sad day

Planting, hugging, helping


Van Stephens

3rd - Johnson




Memorial Day

American, Proud

Appreciating, Celebrating, Remembering

The day we celebrate and honor people who serve.

Decorate, Honor, Appreciate

Wonderful, Magnificent


Sydney Wilson

3rd - Johnson




Memorial Day

Memories of them.

Extra awesome

Marvelous people

Officially unforgettable

Remember them

In memory of many

Always American

Loved always

Decorate for them

Appreciate them

You're special!

Landon Irwin

3rd - Ms. Johnson



Proud for freedom

American soldiers

The American flag

Real Americans

I remember

Our country

The military

DJ Ward

Room 303


Thank You

You honor our Country.

You guys are really brave.

You are in our memories.

We visit at your graves!

Emma Arthur

3rd - Burris


Memorial Day

The bullet shoots.

They fall to the ground.

You go to a funeral,

And thank them.

They go back to war.

You really miss them.

They're all you can think about.

When they return

You start to cry.

Then, they cry and

Say they survived.

You say you love them

And you never want them to go.

They are awesome

For Fighting for us

In war.

Adison Feist

Room 303 - Burris


Soldier Rights

These mighty men have

a light in their hearts.

They say someone has to do it.

So they fight for our rights.

And they risk their lives.

Birkilee Cochrane

Room 303 - Burris



Person who died in the war

Amazing person who died for us

Thank you patriot

Rain and sun they fought

I put flags on graves

Outside is pretty

Today is great because of them

Nevaeh Denton

Room 304





Memorial Day is a time to remember

all the soldiers who died to fight for our rights.

Memorial Day is always on the final day of May.

We are very thankful for the people

who fought for our rights.

We decorate the graves of the soldiers

with wreaths and flags.

It is a time to remember.

We should be thankful and respectful.

People are proud of their families

because they know they did something right.

We may not like war

but someone has to fight.

On Memorial Day we are kind to others

because we are all American.

So celebrate because you have freedom.

Peyton Cooke

3rd - Mikels



Magnificent National

Celebrating Remembering Honor

Some visit the tomb of the unknown soldier

Care Visit Protecting

Beautiful Magnificnt

Unforgotten Tombs

Catherine Masters

Room 301- Mikels


Memorial Day!

Thank you!

Thank you for your kindness.

We thank you for everything.

You protect me and America.

We respect you now and always will.

You are amazing and magnificent to me.

I will always remember who fought and died for freedom.

We thank you so much for everything.

We love you so much for fight for us.

Macy Lowery

Room 301 - Mikels


Memorial Day

What makes Memorial Day important to celebrate?

You see everyone that died, battled for us.

We appreciate them on this day.

We do this because we need to appreciate them

because thy died for us.

If we did not have them, what would happen?

I do not think we want to know.

Let us thank them on this day.

Annabelle Fleming

3rd - Mikels








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