Give me some wiggle and jiggle!

Stephanie Taylor Ferriell, Print Editor

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of turkey and all the trimmings. But for me, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without Jell-O salads. Having never met a Jell-O salad I didn’t like, I look forward to these delicacies each and every Thanksgiving. My sisters-in-law on Darin’s side know I probably would bar the door if they dared show up without their respective Jell-O salads in hand. I don’t make these treats myself; that’s probably why I enjoy them so much on Thanksgiving … and the days after. I score as much of the leftovers as possible!

This was a banner year at the Ferriell household as we ended up with seven – count them, seven! – Jell-O salads. Two were repeats, but that faux pas is easily overlooked. I was in Jell-O heaven. And, following Thanksgiving, a bit of pain as well. Think I had one serving too many of both turkey and Jell-O.

With vacation time to burn, I decided to take off Tuesday and Wednesday before Turkey Day this year. I needed the time to clean house (I will never stop hosting this holiday as it ensures my house gets really cleaned at least once a year) and cook … and cook. Two turkeys (Darin smoked one), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, dressing, yeast rolls and cheesecake; it was a busy two days.

We found ourselves in the odd situation of having a house full of food but nothing to eat Wednesday night, so we went out for hamburgers at Van’s, a restaurant in Marengo. I was glad for the sit-down time!

Hays gave the Thanksgiving blessing this year and he made up his own instead of deferring to the old Catholic standby. I was especially impressed that he asked God to “bless this food so it nourishes our bodies so we can run and play and work together as a family and gobble ‘til we wobble.” He absolutely detests the phrase “gobble ‘til you wobble.” Which means beginning Nov. 1 he hears it nonstop until Thanksgiving. I’m still kicking myself for not buying the wooden sign with that phrase I saw a few years back.

I hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful, beautiful and blessed. I hoped you gobbled ‘til you wobbled. It’s Sunday as I write this, but there is still some Jell-O salad wiggling and jiggling in my fridge. Time to wobble in and gobble a bit more!

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