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812 Woes

Is anyone else out there having trouble adjusting to the new rule of dialing 812 before making a local call? I am going to go out on a limb to publicly announce that I am not crazy about the new rule. It’s not that the phone company did not warn me because they have been warning me it was going to happen for some time now.

But I guess I am a creature of habit because I cannot get used to dialing 10 digits when all my life I have only punched in six numbers. And believe you me I have done plenty of dialing and talking on the phone during my lifetime. I’m sure my parents will attest to that fact, especially during my teenage years.

Most of you reading this can recall pre-cell phone days when you were stationary when having phone conversations. Unless you had a cordless phone and could walk a couple of feet outside the door without losing connection and carry on a conversation.

Cell phones have eliminated a lot of things and actually have made dialing a number on a phone a dying art. When I asked my younger co-workers if they were having trouble adjusting to dialing 812, they just shrugged their shoulders and said no. They use their cell phones for everything and when they need to call someone, the number is preprogramed. (Obviously with the 812 area code!)

Every time I make a call and hear silence on the other end, I hang up and more often than not cuss the 812, as I know immediately what I forgot to do. Maybe I’ll get used to it, I guess I will or I will be doing a lot of fussing about it in the meantime.

Let me know how you are adjusting to this change or if it is not affecting your daily life. I welcome any and all comments. But remember my mental state is very fragile at this point, so please be kind.812   More

Strange new world

I’ve fallen in to something that I wish I hadn’t and I told myself I never would. But it’s gotten a hold of me. I’ve become addicted to college football recruiting news.

It all started last week when top QB prospect Kyler Murray tweeted a photo of a Texas jersey he received when on a visit to the University of Texas. You see Murray has been a Texas A&M commit for almost a year now. And there was almost little to no hope of him becoming a longhorn; till he tweeted out that picture, from a visit that almost nobody knew he was taking.

This set the college football world ablaze, especially in the state of Texas. The thought of getting this prospect excited me. And not just him, but several other top prospects of different positions have shown considerable interest in coming to Texas.

Since that tweet I have been almost glued to recruiting sites, and message boards awaiting any and all the information I can get. National Signing Day is finally here and thus far it hasn’t disappointed, at least not for Texas fans.

Murray ultimately chose to stick with the Aggies, but that was considered to be a long shot anyways. Texas picked up another QB commit that might turn out to be a better pro prospect.

The recruits are still coming in today, and although the dust hasn’t settled; there has been some talk of this class being just as good, if not better, than the 2002 class Texas pulled in. You know that class because of Vince Young and the class that won the 2005 National Championship game.

The real recruiting buzz started with the commitment of Malik Jefferson, the top rated linebacker in the country. He was long thought to be an Aggie commit but on signing day he announced he would be signing with the Longhorns. This sent shockwaves throughout the Aggie fan base and has since resonated with many recruits who are now considered favorites to join him in Austin.

It really took a big turn with the visit of Murray. Murray’s father Kevin, was a …   More

It’s not perfect, but it is

It took me a year (I know; ridiculous!) to get our favorite family photo enlarged and ready to hang. It’s a 20 x 24 canvas and when we pulled it out of the box, it looked gorgeous.

Darin hung it (yes, perfectly) in the stairwell. It’s a nice big wall and I love that I can see our portrait when I’m in the kitchen, which is where I spend most of my time at home.

“What’s wrong with that corner?” I asked as we stood back to survey the photo. Closer examination revealed it was a bit smooshed. Darn. I got the shipping box and sure enough, the bottom left corner was smashed in.

“Guess I’ll have to take it back to Sam’s Club,” I said. The return would have to wait, however. This was the week before Thanksgiving and my whole goal had been to get the photo up before we hosted the holiday.

Guess what?

It’s now the middle of January and the canvas still hasn’t been returned. It’s looking like it’s not going to happen.

No, it’s not because I don’t have the receipt; I do. I also have the box, which seems to be pretty good evidence the damage occurred in transit. It’s more that a new canvas with four perfect corners, somehow, wouldn’t be the same.

I attach whole strings of memories to objects. Maybe that’s why I tend to have a hard time getting rid of things that I have positive associations with.

Like the family photo.

Whenever I look at it, I don’t just remember the beautiful fall afternoon in 2013 when Kate Wehlann came and spent several hours doing a family photo shoot. I do remember that and how much fun it was. She did a wonderful job.

But I also remember everything about the day we picked the print up.

It was Sunday, Nov. 16. The kids and I had gotten up early and driven to Salem to attend the first service the New Beginning Baptist congregation held in their building, repaired following a fire months earlier. I like taking the kids to services of different denominations. I believe they need to be …   More

The magic’s still there

I believe in magic. Specifically, the magic of childhood. I firmly and wholeheartedly believe adults in children’s lives have a responsibility to make a kid’s childhood as magical as it can be.

Because I also believe adults who had the joy of experiencing childhood magic maintain a more positive outlook as adults and sprinkle magic into the lives of others throughout their lives. I have no scientific studies to back up my claim, no unscientific poll even. But I still believe it.

So it probably comes as no surprise that I get my dander up a bit when someone infringes on my kids’ magic. You know the type; they don’t believe in “lying” to their kids about things like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. They steal their kids’ childhood magic and then I have to deal with it.

“Mommy, Anna says there’s no Santa. She said her mommy buys all her presents,” Sylvia announced the week before Christmas break. Three little pairs of eyes fastened intently on my face as I responded, assuring my trio that yes, there IS a Santa, that I will always believe in him and know they will, too.

Ugh. I had hoped it wouldn’t happen so soon. Sigh.

With the seed planted I was so worried the kids – especially Hays, who’s now 7 – would express more doubt as Christmas drew nearer. Luckily, my fears were for naught.

We had a late Christmas Eve; it was well after 11 by the time the kids finally got to bed. It doesn’t seem to matter how late my kids stay up, at least one of them (Warner) is always up by seven. Hays follows shortly thereafter. Darin jokes that Sleeping Beauty (Sylvia) may be best suited for a second shift job because she is the only one who likes to sleep in.

Christmas morning 2014 was the exception to the boys’ rule for the year. I had woken briefly around 6 and hearing no movement said a brief prayer of thanks and quickly drifted back off. When Warner finally did come wake me up I couldn’t believe my eyes when the …   More

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