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Paleo Balsamic Chicken

Here’s one for you paleo folks and I wish I had a higher opinion of it. You win some, you lose some.

The Paleo Diet is huge on Pinterest, with most likely thousands of boards dedicated to recipes following the trend. The diet is based on foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, primarily non-processed meats, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit and leaving out things like dairy, grain products, fruit juices, legumes (so no peanut butter, peanuts or beans), almost all alcohol and processed foods. Apparently, vegetables high in starch, like regular and sweet potatoes are also no-gos. While lists of foods approved by the paleo diet are all over the Internet and cook book sections of book stores, there is, of course, an app for that as well. Attention paleo diet app developers: Want to be named here? Talk to me about a sponsorship fee.

This specific recipe features balsamic vinegar, which, if I haven’t mentioned it already, is one of my favorite flavorings. However, my favorite vinegar still wasn’t enough to give this the flavor it needed to take it from boring chicken to something I don’t regret making as a whole recipe. This is strange given the number of spices used in the recipe — garlic (powdered and fresh minced, both also high on my list of favorite seasonings), basil, salt, pepper, dried onion and the vinegar. You’d have thought this would have been enough to make it taste like something other than plain chicken. In fact, I’ve grilled chicken on the stovetop seasoned only with salt and pepper that has been more flavorful.

Should you want to test this out for yourselves, combine your spices and spread these over your boneless, skinless chicken thighs on both sides and place them in your crockpot with olive oil and garlic in the bottom. Pour your vinegar over the top and cook on high for four hours. The parsley isn’t enormously necessary, but go ahead and add it if you wish.

Like I said, it looked good, smelled good, but the …   More